Bart N Lambrecht
Bart N Lambrecht
Professor of Medicine
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The immunology of asthma
BN Lambrecht, H Hammad
Nature immunology 16 (1), 45-56, 2015
House dust mite allergen induces asthma via Toll-like receptor 4 triggering of airway structural cells
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Sleep apnoea as an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease: current evidence, basic mechanisms and research priorities
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Frequency of the C9orf72 hexanucleotide repeat expansion in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and frontotemporal dementia: a cross-sectional study
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Essential role of lung plasmacytoid dendritic cells in preventing asthmatic reactions to harmless inhaled antigen
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The airway epithelium in asthma
BN Lambrecht, H Hammad
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Alveolar macrophages develop from fetal monocytes that differentiate into long-lived cells in the first week of life via GM-CSF
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Dendritic cells and epithelial cells: linking innate and adaptive immunity in asthma
H Hammad, BN Lambrecht
Nature Reviews Immunology 8 (3), 193-204, 2008
Conventional and monocyte-derived CD11b+ dendritic cells initiate and maintain T helper 2 cell-mediated immunity to house dust mite allergen
M Plantinga, M Guilliams, M Vanheerswynghels, K Deswarte, ...
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In vivo depletion of lung CD11c+ dendritic cells during allergen challenge abrogates the characteristic features of asthma
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Specific migratory dendritic cells rapidly transport antigen from the airways to the thoracic lymph nodes
KY Vermaelen, I Carro-Muino, BN Lambrecht, RA Pauwels
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Cutting edge: alum adjuvant stimulates inflammatory dendritic cells through activation of the NALP3 inflammasome
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Myeloid dendritic cells induce Th2 responses to inhaled antigen, leading to eosinophilic airway inflammation
BN Lambrecht, M De Veerman, AJ Coyle, JC Gutierrez-Ramos, ...
The Journal of clinical investigation 106 (4), 551-559, 2000
Inflammatory dendritic cells—not basophils—are necessary and sufficient for induction of Th2 immunity to inhaled house dust mite allergen
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“Too good to be true!”. The effectiveness of CSR history in countering negative publicity
J Vanhamme, B Grobben
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Extracellular ATP triggers and maintains asthmatic airway inflammation by activating dendritic cells
M Idzko, H Hammad, M Van Nimwegen, M Kool, MAM Willart, F Muskens, ...
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Genome-wide meta-analysis identifies 11 new loci for anthropometric traits and provides insights into genetic architecture
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Emerging role of damage-associated molecular patterns derived from mitochondria in inflammation
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An unexpected role for uric acid as an inducer of T helper 2 cell immunity to inhaled antigens and inflammatory mediator of allergic asthma
M Kool, MAM Willart, M van Nimwegen, I Bergen, P Pouliot, JC Virchow, ...
Immunity 34 (4), 527-540, 2011
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