Mario Pagliaro, FRSC
Mario Pagliaro, FRSC
Chemistry, solar energy, and bioeconomy scholar
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From glycerol to value‐added products
M Pagliaro, R Ciriminna, H Kimura, M Rossi, C Della Pina
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 46 (24), 4434-4440, 2007
The future of glycerol
M Pagliaro, M Rossi
The future of glycerol
M Pagliaro, M Rossi
Flexible solar cells
M Pagliaro, R Ciriminna, G Palmisano
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Flexible Solar Cells
M Pagliaro, G Palmisano, R Ciriminna
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G Palmisano, V Augugliaro, M Pagliaro, L Palmisano
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Artificial photosynthesis over graphene–semiconductor composites. Are we getting better?
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Understanding the glycerol market
R Ciriminna, CD Pina, M Rossi, M Pagliaro
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R Ciriminna, M Pagliaro
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N Zhang, R Ciriminna, M Pagliaro, YJ Xu
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Limonene: a versatile chemical of the bioeconomy
R Ciriminna, M Lomeli-Rodriguez, PD Cara, JA Lopez-Sanchez, ...
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Heterogeneous versus Homogeneous Palladium Catalysts for Cross‐Coupling Reactions
M Pagliaro, V Pandarus, R Ciriminna, F BÚland, P Demma CarÓ
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Layer-by-layer assembly of versatile nanoarchitectures with diverse dimensionality: a new perspective for rational construction of multilayer assemblies
FX Xiao, M Pagliaro, YJ Xu, B Liu
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R Ciriminna, M Sciortino, G Alonzo, A Schrijver, M Pagliaro
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Ru-based oxidation catalysis
M Pagliaro, S Campestrini, R Ciriminna
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High-performance quenchometric oxygen sensors based on fluorinated xerogels doped with [Ru (dpp) 3] 2+
RM Bukowski, R Ciriminna, M Pagliaro, FV Bright
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One-pot electrocatalytic oxidation of glycerol to DHA
R Ciriminna, G Palmisano, C Della Pina, M Rossi, M Pagliaro
Tetrahedron letters 47 (39), 6993-6995, 2006
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