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GATA6 regulates HNF4 and is required for differentiation of visceral endoderm in the mouse embryo
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GATA-6: a zinc finger transcription factor that is expressed in multiple cell lineages derived from lateral mesoderm
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Myocardin is a critical serum response factor cofactor in the transcriptional program regulating smooth muscle cell differentiation
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GATA-5: a transcriptional activator expressed in a novel temporally and spatially-restricted pattern during embryonic development
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A serum response factor-dependent transcriptional regulatory program identifies distinct smooth muscle cell sublineages.
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Intercontinental spread of Asian-origin H5N8 to North America through Beringia by migratory birds
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The GATA-4 transcription factor transactivates the cardiac muscle-specific troponin C promoter-enhancer in nonmuscle cells.
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Novel Eurasian highly pathogenic avian influenza A H5 viruses in wild birds, Washington, USA, 2014
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Coordinate transcription of variant surface glycoprotein genes and an expression site associated gene family in Trypanosoma brucei
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Evolutionary dynamics of Newcastle disease virus
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GATA-4 activates transcription via two novel domains that are conserved within the GATA-4/5/6 subfamily
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Prevalence of influenza A viruses in wild migratory birds in Alaska: patterns of variation in detection at a crossroads of intercontinental flyways
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Genetic evidence of intercontinental movement of avian influenza in a migratory bird: the northern pintail (Anas acuta)
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Emergence of fatal avian influenza in New England harbor seals
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A novel myogenic regulatory circuit controls slow/cardiac troponin C gene transcription in skeletal muscle.
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Developmental pattern of expression and genomic organization of the calponin-h1 gene a contractile smooth muscle cell marker
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The Ets protein Spi-B is expressed exclusively in B cells and T cells during development.
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Role for migratory wild birds in the global spread of avian influenza H5N8
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Science 354 (6309), 2016
Role for migratory wild birds in the global spread of avian influenza H5N8
Science 354 (6309), 213-217, 2016
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