Giannino Del Sal
Giannino Del Sal
Univeristy of Trieste Department Life Sciences and LNCIB-Area Science Park Trieste
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Role of the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway in regulating abundance of the cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor p27
M Pagano, SW Tam, AM Theodoras, P Beer-Romero, G Del Sal, V Chau, ...
Science 269 (5224), 682-685, 1995
Homeodomain-interacting protein kinase-2 phosphorylates p53 at Ser 46 and mediates apoptosis
G D'Orazi, B Cecchinelli, T Bruno, I Manni, Y Higashimoto, S Saito, ...
Nature cell biology 4 (1), 11, 2002
A fast method for high-quality genomic DNA extraction from whole human blood.
S Gustincich, G Manfioletti, GS Del, C Schneider, P Carninci
Biotechniques 11 (3), 298-300, 302, 1991
Activation of p53 by conjugation to the ubiquitin‐like protein SUMO‐1
M Gostissa, A Hengstermann, V Fogal, P Sandy, SE Schwarz, ...
The EMBO journal 18 (22), 6462-6471, 1999
The CTAB-DNA precipitation method: a common mini-scale preparation of template DNA from phagemids, phages or plasmids suitable for sequencing.
GS Del, G Manfioletti, C Schneider
Biotechniques 7 (5), 514-520, 1989
Protein kinase C ▀ and prolyl isomerase 1 regulate mitochondrial effects of the life-span determinant p66Shc
P Pinton, A Rimessi, S Marchi, F Orsini, E Migliaccio, M Giorgio, ...
Science 315 (5812), 659-663, 2007
The prolyl isomerase Pin1 reveals a mechanism to control p53 functions after genotoxic insults
P Zacchi, M Gostissa, T Uchida, C Salvagno, F Avolio, S Volinia, Z Ronai, ...
Nature 419 (6909), 853, 2002
Regulation of p53 activity in nuclear bodies by a specific PML isoform
V Fogal, M Gostissa, P Sandy, P Zacchi, T Sternsdorf, K Jensen, ...
The EMBO journal 19 (22), 6185-6195, 2000
Metabolic control of YAP and TAZ by the mevalonate pathway
G Sorrentino, N Ruggeri, V Specchia, M Cordenonsi, M Mano, S Dupont, ...
Nature cell biology 16 (4), 357, 2014
A one-tube plasmid DNA mini-preparation suitable for sequencing.
G Del Sal, G Manfioletti, C Schneider
Nucleic acids research 16 (20), 9878, 1988
The growth arrest-specific gene, gas1, is involved in growth suppression
G Del Sal, ME Ruaro, L Philipson, C Schneider
Cell 70 (4), 595-607, 1992
iASPP preferentially binds p53 proline-rich region and modulates apoptotic function of codon 72–polymorphic p53
D Bergamaschi, Y Samuels, A Sullivan, M Zvelebil, H Breyssens, A Bisso, ...
Nature genetics 38 (10), 1133, 2006
The transcriptional coactivator Yes-associated protein drives p73 gene-target specificity in response to DNA Damage
S Strano, O Monti, N Pediconi, A Baccarini, G Fontemaggi, E Lapi, ...
Molecular cell 18 (4), 447-459, 2005
A growth arrest-specific (gas) gene codes for a membrane protein.
G Manfioletti, ME Ruaro, G Del Sal, L Philipson, C Schneider
Molecular and Cellular Biology 10 (6), 2924-2930, 1990
Direct p53 transcriptional repression: in vivo analysis of CCAAT-containing G2/M promoters
C Imbriano, A Gurtner, F Cocchiarella, S Di Agostino, V Basile, M Gostissa, ...
Molecular and cellular biology 25 (9), 3737-3751, 2005
Physical interaction with human tumor-derived p53 mutants inhibits p63 activities
S Strano, G Fontemaggi, A Costanzo, MG Rizzo, O Monti, A Baccarini, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 277 (21), 18817-18826, 2002
The rebel angel: mutant p53 as the driving oncogene in breast cancer
D Walerych, M Napoli, L Collavin, G Del Sal
Carcinogenesis 33 (11), 2007-2017, 2012
A Pin1/mutant p53 axis promotes aggressiveness in breast cancer
JE Girardini, M Napoli, S Piazza, A Rustighi, C Marotta, E Radaelli, ...
Cancer cell 20 (1), 79-91, 2011
p53-family proteins and their regulators: hubs and spokes in tumor suppression
L Collavin, A Lunardi, G Del Sal
Cell death and differentiation 17 (6), 901, 2010
Pin1 links the activities of c-Abl and p300 in regulating p73 function
F Mantovani, S Piazza, M Gostissa, S Strano, P Zacchi, R Mantovani, ...
Molecular cell 14 (5), 625-636, 2004
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