Branislav K. Nikolic
Branislav K. Nikolic
Full Professor of Physics, University of Delaware, USA
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Giant Spin Pumping and Inverse Spin Hall Effect in the Presence of Surface and Bulk Spin−Orbit Coupling of Topological Insulator Bi2Se3
M Jamali, JS Lee, JS Jeong, F Mahfouzi, Y Lv, Z Zhao, BK Nikolić, ...
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Nonequilibrium spin Hall accumulation in ballistic semiconductor nanostructures
BK Nikolić, S Souma, LP Zārbo, J Sinova
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DNA base-specific modulation of microampere transverse edge currents through a metallic graphene nanoribbon with a nanopore
KK Saha, M Drndic, BK Nikolic
Nano letters 12 (1), 50-55, 2012
Typical medium theory of Anderson localization: A local order parameter approach to strong-disorder effects
V Dobrosavljević, AA Pastor, BK Nikolić
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Electron transport through a circular constriction
B Nikolić, PB Allen
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Decoherence of transported spin in multichannel spin-orbit-coupled spintronic devices: Scattering approach to spin-density matrix from the ballistic to the localized regime
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Mesoscopic spin Hall effect in multiprobe ballistic spin-orbit-coupled semiconductor bridges
BK Nikolić, LP Zārbo, S Souma
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Modulating unpolarized current in quantum spintronics: Visibility of spin-interference effects in multichannel Aharonov-Casher mesoscopic rings
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Spin hall current driven by quantum interferences in mesoscopic rashba rings
S Souma, BK Nikolić
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Edge currents and nanopore arrays in zigzag and chiral graphene nanoribbons as a route toward high-ZT thermoelectrics
PH Chang, BK Nikolic
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Spatial distribution of local currents of massless Dirac fermions in quantum transport through graphene nanoribbons
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Giant thermoelectric effect in graphene-based topological insulators with heavy adatoms and nanopores
PH Chang, MS Bahramy, N Nagaosa, BK Nikolić
Nano Letters 14, 3779, 2014
Spin-orbit coupling induced spin-transfer torque and current polarization in topological-insulator/ferromagnet vertical heterostructures
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Monolayer of the transition metal trichloride : A playground for two-dimensional magnetism, room-temperature quantum anomalous Hall effect, and …
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Tunnel barrier enhanced voltage signals generated by magnetization precession of a single ferromagnetic layer
T Moriyama, R Cao, X Fan, G Xuan, BK Nikolic, Y Tserkovnyak, ...
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Electron density and transport in top-gated graphene nanoribbon devices: First-principles Green function algorithms for systems containing a large number of atoms
DA Areshkin, BK Nikolić
Physical Review B 81 (15), 155450, 2010
Imaging mesoscopic spin Hall flow: Spatial distribution of local spin currents and spin densities in and out of multiterminal spin-orbit coupled semiconductor nanostructures
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Infrared studies of the onset of conductivity in ultrathin Pb films
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First-principles quantum transport modeling of thermoelectricity in single-molecule nanojunctions with graphene nanoribbon electrodes
BK Nikolić, KK Saha, T Markussen, KS Thygesen
Journal of Computational Electronics 11, 78, 2012
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