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Molecular evidence for a single evolutionary origin of domesticated rice
J Molina, M Sikora, N Garud, JM Flowers, S Rubinstein, A Reynolds, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (20), 8351-8356, 2011
Possible Loss of the Chloroplast Genome in the Parasitic Flowering Plant Rafflesia lagascae (Rafflesiaceae)
J Molina, KM Hazzouri, D Nickrent, M Geisler, RS Meyer, MM Pentony, ...
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Natural selection in gene-dense regions shapes the genomic pattern of polymorphism in wild and domesticated rice
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Phylogeography of Asian wild rice, Oryza rufipogon: a genome‐wide view
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Forest trees of Palanan, Philippines: a study in population ecology
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The nuclear internal transcribed spacer (ITS2) as a practical plant DNA barcode for herbal medicines
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Systematics and biogeography of the non-viny grape relative Leea (Vitaceae)
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Migration, isolation and hybridization in island crop populations: the case of Madagascar rice
KA Mather, J Molina, JM Flowers, S Rubinstein, BL Rauh, ...
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Utility of secondary structure in phylogenetic reconstructions using nrDNA ITS sequences-an example from Potalieae (Gentianaceae: Asteridae)
J Molina, L Struwe
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The ethnobotany of psychoactive plant use: a phylogenetic perspective
NA Alrashedy, J Molina
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Palanan forest dynamics plot, Philippines
LL Co, DA Lagunzad, JV LaFrankie, NA Bartolome, JE Molina, SL Yap, ...
Tropical forest diversity and dynamism: Findings from a large-scale plot …, 2004
Revision of ring‐gentians (Symbolanthus, Gentianaceae) from Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru, with a first assessment of conservation status
J Molina, L Struwe
Systematics and Biodiversity 6 (4), 477-501, 2008
Reply to Ge and Sang: a single origin of domesticated rice
J Molina, M Sikora, N Garud, JM Flowers, S Rubinstein, A Reynolds, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (39), E756-E756, 2011
Levels and patterns of nucleotide variation in domestication QTL regions on rice chromosome 3 suggest lineage-specific selection
X Xie, J Molina, R Hernandez, A Reynolds, AR Boyko, CD Bustamante, ...
PloS one 6 (6), e20670, 2011
Floral biology of Philippine morphospecies of the grape relative Leea (Leeaceae)
J Molina
Plant Species Biology 24 (1), 53-60, 2009
The predictive utility of the plant phylogeny in identifying sources of cardiovascular drugs
E Guzman, J Molina
Pharmaceutical biology 56 (1), 154-164, 2018
Phylogeny of medicinal plants depicts cultural convergence among immigrant groups in New York City
C Xavier, J Molina
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DNA barcoding of Philippine herbal medicinal products
RD Pedales, AM Damatac, CA Limbo, CMD Marquez, AIB Navarro, ...
Journal of AOAC International 99 (6), 1479-1489, 2016
Floral Structure and pollinator visitation in Melastoma malabathricum
J Molina, S Yap
Evolution, pollination biology, and biogeography of the grape relative Leea (Leeaceae, Vitales)
JE Molina
Rutgers University-Graduate School-New Brunswick, 2009
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