Gyorgy Fejer
Gyorgy Fejer
Lecturer, University of Plymouth
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Crucial role for human Toll-like receptor 4 in the development of contact allergy to nickel
M Schmidt, B Raghavan, V Mller, T Vogl, G Fejer, S Tchaptchet, S Keck, ...
Nature immunology 11 (9), 814-819, 2010
Crucial role for human Toll-like receptor 4 in the development of contact allergy to nickel
M Schmidt, B Raghavan, V Mller, T Vogl, G Fejer, S Tchaptchet, S Keck, ...
Nature immunology 11 (9), 814-819, 2010
PRDI-BF1 recruits the histone H3 methyltransferase G9a in transcriptional silencing
I Győry, J Wu, G Fejr, E Seto, KL Wright
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Functional domains of histone deacetylase-3
WM Yang, SC Tsai, YD Wen, G Fejr, E Seto
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Mouse CD8α+ DCs and human BDCA3+ DCs are major producers of IFN-λ in response to poly IC
H Lauterbach, B Bathke, S Gilles, C Traidl-Hoffmann, CA Luber, G Fejer, ...
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Toll-like receptor and IL-12 signaling control susceptibility to contact hypersensitivity
SF Martin, JC Dudda, E Bachtanian, A Lembo, S Liller, C Dürr, ...
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Targeted recruitment of a histone H4-specific methyltransferase by the transcription factor YY1
N Rezai-Zadeh, X Zhang, F Namour, G Fejer, YD Wen, YL Yao, I Gyory, ...
Genes & development 17 (8), 1019-1029, 2003
Identification of a functionally impaired positive regulatory domain I binding factor 1 transcription repressor in myeloma cell lines
I Gyry, G Fejr, N Ghosh, E Seto, KL Wright
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Lipopolysaccharide sensing an important factor in the innate immune response to Gram-negative bacterial infections: benefits and hazards of LPS hypersensitivity
MA Freudenberg, S Tchaptchet, S Keck, G Fejer, M Huber, N Schtze, ...
Immunobiology 213 (3-4), 193-203, 2008
Requirement for TLR9 in the immunomodulatory activity of Propionibacterium acnes
C Kalis, M Gumenscheimer, N Freudenberg, S Tchaptchet, G Fejer, A Heit, ...
The Journal of Immunology 174 (7), 4295-4300, 2005
Prolonged survival of pancreatic islet allografts mediated by adenovirus immunoregulatory transgenes
S Efrat, G Fejer, M Brownlee, MS Horwitz
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 92 (15), 6947-6951, 1995
Mouse adenovirus type 1 causes a fatal hemorrhagic encephalomyelitis in adult C57BL/6 but not BALB/c mice.
JD Guida, G Fejer, LA Pirofski, CF Brosnan, MS Horwitz
Journal of Virology 69 (12), 7674-7681, 1995
Key role of splenic myeloid DCs in the IFN-αβ response to adenoviruses in vivo
G Fejer, L Drechsel, J Liese, U Schleicher, Z Ruzsics, N Imelli, UF Greber, ...
PLoS Pathog 4 (11), e1000208, 2008
Phosphorus-based SAHA analogues as histone deacetylase inhibitors
GV Kapustin, G Fejr, JL Gronlund, DG McCafferty, E Seto, FA Etzkorn
Organic Letters 5 (17), 3053-3056, 2003
The latency-associated nuclear antigen of Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus interacts preferentially with the terminal repeats of the genome in vivo and this complex is…
G Fejr, MM Medveczky, E Horvath, B Lane, Y Chang, PG Medveczky
Journal of General Virology 84 (6), 1451-1462, 2003
Nontransformed, GM-CSF–dependent macrophage lines are a unique model to study tissue macrophage functions
G Fejer, MD Wegner, I Gyry, I Cohen, P Engelhard, E Voronov, T Manke, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110 (24), E2191-E2198, 2013
Adenovirus infection dramatically augments lipopolysaccharide-induced TNF production and sensitizes to lethal shock
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The Journal of Immunology 175 (3), 1498-1506, 2005
Absence of TRIF signaling in lipopolysaccharide-stimulated murine mast cells
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The journal of immunology 186 (9), 5478-5488, 2011
Latency type-specific distribution of epigenetic marks at the alternative promoters Cp and Qp of Epstein–Barr virus
G Fejer, A Koroknai, F Banati, I Gyry, D Salamon, H Wolf, HH Niller, ...
Journal of general virology 89 (6), 1364-1370, 2008
Key role of the scavenger receptor MARCO in mediating adenovirus infection and subsequent innate responses of macrophages
MD Maler, PJ Nielsen, N Stichling, I Cohen, Z Ruzsics, C Wood, ...
MBio 8 (4), 2017
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