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Thomas Hofbeck
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The triplet state of organo-transition metal compounds. Triplet harvesting and singlet harvesting for efficient OLEDs
H Yersin, AF Rausch, R Czerwieniec, T Hofbeck, T Fischer
Coordination Chemistry Reviews 255 (21-22), 2622-2652, 2011
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T Hofbeck, H Yersin
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Brightly luminescent Pt (II) pincer complexes with a sterically demanding carboranyl-phenylpyridine ligand: a new material class for diverse optoelectronic applications
AM Prokhorov, T Hofbeck, R Czerwieniec, AF Suleymanova, ...
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Triplet State Properties of the OLED Emitter Ir(btp)2(acac):  Characterization by Site-Selective Spectroscopy and Application of High Magnetic Fields
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R Czerwieniec, T Hofbeck, O Crespo, A Laguna, M Concepcion Gimeno, ...
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Thermally Tunable Dual Emission of the d8–d8 Dimer [Pt2(μ-P2O5(BF2)2)4]4–
T Hofbeck, YC Lam, M Kalbáč, S Záliš, A Vlcek Jr, H Yersin
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Design of conformationally distorted donor–acceptor dyads showing efficient thermally activated delayed fluorescence
GA Sommer, LN Mataranga-Popa, R Czerwieniec, T Hofbeck, ...
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Photophysical properties of Re (pbt)(CO) 4 studied by high resolution spectroscopy
R Czerwieniec, WJ Finkenzeller, T Hofbeck, A Starukhin, A Wedel, ...
Chemical Physics Letters 468 (4-6), 205-210, 2009
Singlet harvesting with dual-core copper (I) complexes for optoelectronic devices
H Yersin, U Monkowius, T Hofbeck
US Patent 9,537,117, 2017
P∩ N Bridged Cu (I) Dimers Featuring Both TADF and Phosphorescence. From Overview towards Detailed Case Study of the Excited Singlet and Triplet States
T Hofbeck, TA Niehaus, M Fleck, U Monkowius, H Yersin
Molecules 26 (11), 3415, 2021
Copper complexes for optoelectronic applications
H Yersin, U Monkowius, T Fisher, T Hofbeck, T Baumann, T Grab
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Use of gold complexes in optoelectronic devices
R Czerwieniec, H Yersin, U Monkowius, T Hofbeck, A Laguna, O Crespo, ...
US Patent 9,059,415, 2015
Singulett-Harvesting mit zweikernigen Kupfer (I)-Komplexen fr opto-elektronische Vorrichtungen
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DE Patent App. 102,011,080,240 A, 2013
Radiative und nicht-radiative Desaktivierung von OLED-relevanten Ir (III)-und Pt (II)-Komplexen
T Hofbeck
Copper complexes for optoelectronic applications
H Yersin, U Monkowius, T Fischer, T Hofbeck, T Baumann, T Grab
Photophysics of [Pt2 (pop-BF2) 4] 4–: Spectroscopy and Decay Pathways of the Lowest Singlet and Triplet Excited States
YC Lam, T Hofbeck, AC Durrell, GE Keller, J Skora, M Kalbč, S Zalis, ...
Synthesis, Oxidation and Photophysics of Perfluoroborated Tetrakis…, 2015
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