Tomas Kubart
Tomas Kubart
Solid State Electronics, Uppsala University
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Chemical insights into the instability of Cu2ZnSnS4 films during annealing
JJ Scragg, T Ericson, T Kubart, M Edoff, C Platzer-Björkman
Chemistry of Materials 23 (20), 4625-4633, 2011
A detrimental reaction at the molybdenum back contact in Cu2ZnSn (S, Se) 4 thin-film solar cells
JJ Scragg, JT Watjen, M Edoff, T Ericson, T Kubart, C Platzer-Björkman
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JJ Scragg, T Kubart, JT Wätjen, T Ericson, MK Linnarsson, ...
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Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 98, 110-117, 2012
Temperature dependence of tribological properties of MoS< sub> 2</sub> and MoSe< sub> 2</sub> coatings
T Kubart, T Polcar, L Kopecký, R Novák, D Nováková
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Comparison of tribological behaviour of TiN, TiCN and CrN at elevated temperatures
T Polcar, T Kubart, R Novák, L Kopecký, P Široký
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JJ Scragg, T Ericson, X Fontané, V Izquierdo‐Roca, A Pérez‐Rodríguez, ...
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T Kubart, O Kappertz, T Nyberg, S Berg
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M Aiempanakit, A Aijaz, D Lundin, U Helmersson, T Kubart
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M Aiempanakit, T Kubart, P Larsson, K Sarakinos, J Jensen, ...
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M Aiempanakit, U Helmersson, A Aijaz, P Larsson, R Magnusson, ...
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A Aijaz, YX Ji, J Montero, GA Niklasson, CG Granqvist, T Kubart
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 149, 137-144, 2016
Chalcogenide Perovskite BaZrS3: Thin Film Growth by Sputtering and Rapid Thermal Processing
C Comparotto, A Davydova, T Ericson, L Riekehr, MV Moro, T Kubart, ...
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D Severin, O Kappertz, T Kubart, T Nyberg, S Berg, A Pflug, M Siemers, ...
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T Kubart, M Čada, D Lundin, Z Hubička
Surface and Coatings Technology 238, 152-157, 2014
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T Kubart, D Depla, DM Martin, T Nyberg, S Berg
Applied Physics Letters 92 (22), 221501, 2008
Extreme friction reductions during initial running-in of W–S–C–Ti low-friction coatings
H Nyberg, J Sundberg, E Särhammar, F Gustavsson, T Kubart, T Nyberg, ...
Wear 302 (1), 987-997, 2013
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