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Efficient inverted polymer solar cells employing favourable molecular orientation
V Vohra, K Kawashima, T Kakara, T Koganezawa, I Osaka, K Takimiya, ...
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Addition of regiorandom poly (3-hexylthiophene) to solution processed poly (3-hexylthiophene):[6, 6]-phenyl-C61-butyric acid methyl ester graded bilayers to tune the vertical …
V Vohra, K Higashimine, T Murakami, H Murata
Applied Physics Letters 101 (17), 173301, 2012
Low-cost and green fabrication of polymer electronic devices by push-coating of the polymer active layers
V Vohra, W Mróz, S Inaba, W Porzio, U Giovanella, F Galeotti
ACS applied materials & interfaces 9 (30), 25434-25444, 2017
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V Vohra, O Notoya, T Huang, M Yamaguchi, H Murata
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V Vohra, A Bolognesi, G Calzaferri, C Botta
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V Vohra, T Anzai
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Transfer-printing of active layers to achieve high quality interfaces in sequentially deposited multilayer inverted polymer solar cells fabricated in air
V Vohra, T Anzai, S Inaba, W Porzio, L Barba
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Investigating the effect of solvent boiling temperature on the active layer morphology of diffusive bilayer solar cells
V Vohra, B Dörling, K Higashimine, H Murata
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Water‐Processable Amphiphilic Low Band Gap Block Copolymer: Fullerene Blend Nanoparticles as Alternative Sustainable Approach for Organic Solar Cells
S Zappia, G Scavia, AM Ferretti, U Giovanella, V Vohra, S Destri
Advanced Sustainable Systems 2 (3), 1700155, 2018
Investigating phase separation and structural coloration of self-assembled ternary polymer thin films
V Vohra, F Galeotti, U Giovanella, T Anzai, E Kozma, C Botta
Applied Physics Letters 109 (10), 103702, 2016
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