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Evolution and expression of FOXL2
J Cocquet, E Pailhoux, F Jaubert, N Servel, X Xia, M Pannetier, ...
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FOXL2 activates P450 aromatase gene transcription: towards a better characterization of the early steps of mammalian ovarian development
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PR‐SET7 and SUV4‐20H regulate H4 lysine‐20 methylation at imprinting control regions in the mouse
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R-spondin1 and FOXL2act into two distinct cellular types during goat ovarian differentiation
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Epigenetic stability of embryonic stem cells and developmental potential
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FOXL2 is regulated during the bovine estrous cycle and its expression in the endometrium is independent of conceptus-derived interferon tau
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High-Throughput Sequencing Analyses of XX Genital Ridges Lacking FOXL2 Reveal DMRT1 Up-Regulation Before SOX9 Expression During the Sex-Reversal …
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A 3.7 Mb deletion encompassing ZEB2 causes a novel polled and multisystemic syndrome in the progeny of a somatic mosaic bull
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