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Prevalence of recurrent pathogenic microdeletions and microduplications in over 9500 pregnancies
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The two-domain hypothesis in Beckwith–Wiedemann syndrome: autonomous imprinting of the telomeric domain of the distal chromosome 7 cluster
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A novel CISD2 intragenic deletion, optic neuropathy and platelet aggregation defect in Wolfram syndrome type 2
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Metformin restores the mitochondrial network and reverses mitochondrial dysfunction in Down syndrome cells
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Mitochondrial dysfunction in down syndrome: molecular mechanisms and therapeutic targets
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Prenatal BACs‐on‐BeadsTM: the prospective experience of five prenatal diagnosis laboratories
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Immunoglobulin heavy‐chain fluorescence in situ hybridization‐chromogenic in situ hybridization DNA probe split signal in the clonality assessment of lymphoproliferative …
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Lithium chloride induces mesenchymal‑to‑epithelial reverting transition in primary colon cancer cell cultures
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Clinical description of a patient carrying the smallest reported deletion involving 10p14 region
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A case of 14q11. 2 microdeletion with autistic features, severe obesity and facial dysmorphisms suggestive of Wolf–Hirschhorn syndrome
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Genetic and molecular analysis of a new unbalanced X; 18 rearrangement: localization of the diminished ovarian reserve disease locus in the distal Xq POF1 region
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New insights in the interpretation of array-CGH: autism spectrum disorder and positive family history for intellectual disability predict the detection of pathogenic variants
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Inverted duplication of 15q with terminal deletion in a multiple malformed newborn with intrauterine growth failure and lethal phenotype
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Mental retardation, congenital heart malformation, and myelodysplasia in a patient with a complex chromosomal rearrangement involving the critical region 21q22
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Overexpression of chromosome 21 miRNAs may affect mitochondrial function in the hearts of Down syndrome fetuses
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Cytogenetic evaluation of isochromosome 17q in posterior fossa tumors of children and correlation with clinical outcome in medulloblastoma
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Sonic Hedgehog deletion and distal trisomy 3p in a patient with microphthalmia and microcephaly, lacking cerebral anomalies typical of holoprosencephaly
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European journal of medical genetics 51 (6), 658-665, 2008
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