Simone Fabbrici
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Magnetic phase diagram and demagnetization processes in perpendicular exchange-spring multilayers
G Asti, M Ghidini, R Pellicelli, C Pernechele, M Solzi, F Albertini, F Casoli, ...
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S Singh, L Caron, SW D'Souza, T Fichtner, G Porcari, S Fabbrici, ...
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Magnetic shape memory microactuator
E Kalimullina, A Kamantsev, V Koledov, V Shavrov, V Nizhankovskii, ...
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P Ranzieri, M Campanini, S Fabbrici, L Nasi, F Casoli, R Cabassi, ...
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Role of interface morphology in the exchange-spring behavior of FePt/Fe perpendicular bilayers
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Structure and permanent magnet properties of Zr 1-x R x Fe 10 Si 2 alloys with R= Y, La, Ce, Pr and Sm
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Charge Order and Tilt Modulation in Multiferroic K x MII x MIII1-x F3 (0.4< x< 0.6) Transition Metal Fluorides with Tetragonal Tungsten Bronze Structure
S Fabbrici, E Montanari, L Righi, G Calestani, A Migliori
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L Righi, F Albertini, A Paoluzi, S Fabbrici, E Villa, G Calestani, ...
Materials Science Forum 635, 33-41, 2010
Crystal Structures of Modulated Martensitic Phases of FSM Heusler Alloys
L Righi, F Albertini, S Fabbrici, A Paoluzi
Materials Science Forum 684, 105-116, 2011
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