Seth T. Rittenhouse
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A homonuclear molecule with a permanent electric dipole moment
W Li, T Pohl, JM Rost, ST Rittenhouse, HR Sadeghpour, J Nipper, ...
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J Tallant, ST Rittenhouse, D Booth, HR Sadeghpour, JP Shaffer
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General theoretical description of N-body recombination
NP Mehta, ST Rittenhouse, JP D’Incao, J Von Stecher, CH Greene
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Electric field cancellation on quartz by Rb adsorbate-induced negative electron affinity
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First-order phase transitions in optical lattices with tunable three-body onsite interaction
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Green’s functions and the adiabatic hyperspherical method
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Three body recombination of ultracold dipoles to weakly bound dimers
C Ticknor, ST Rittenhouse
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Theory of ultralong-range Rydberg molecule formation incorporating spin-dependent relativistic effects: Cs (6s)-Cs (np) as case study
S Markson, ST Rittenhouse, R Schmidt, JP Shaffer, HR Sadeghpour
Chem. Phys. Chem 17, 3683-3691, 2016
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Electric field control in ultralong-range triatomic polar Rydberg molecules
M Mayle, ST Rittenhouse, P Schmelcher, HR Sadeghpour
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From simple rules to cycling in community assembly
SJ Schreiber, S Rittenhouse
Oikos 105 (2), 349-358, 2004
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