Chris Heunen
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A topos for algebraic quantum theory
C Heunen, NP Landsman, B Spitters
Communications in mathematical physics 291 (1), 63-110, 2009
Semantics for probabilistic programming: higher-order functions, continuous distributions, and soft constraints
S Staton, F Wood, H Yang, C Heunen, O Kammar
2016 31st Annual ACM/IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science (LICS), 1-10, 2016
Categories of quantum and classical channels
B Coecke, C Heunen, A Kissinger
Quantum Information Processing 15 (12), 5179-5209, 2016
A convenient category for higher-order probability theory
C Heunen, O Kammar, S Staton, H Yang
2017 32nd Annual ACM/IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science (LICS), 1-12, 2017
H*-algebras and nonunital Frobenius algebras: first steps in infinite-dimensional categorical quantum mechanics
S Abramsky, C Heunen
Clifford Lectures, AMS Proceedings of Symposia in Applied Mathematics 71, 1--24, 2012
Intuitionistic quantum logic of an n-level system
M Caspers, C Heunen, NP Landsman, B Spitters
Foundations of Physics 39 (7), 731-759, 2009
Bohrification of operator algebras and quantum logic
C Heunen, NP Landsman, B Spitters
Synthese 186 (3), 719-752, 2012
Categories for Quantum Theory: an introduction
C Heunen, J Vicary
Oxford University Press, USA, 2019
C Heunen, NP Landsman, B Spitters
Deep Beauty: Understanding the Quantum World through Mathematical Innovation …, 2009
Categorical quantum models and logics
C Heunen
Amsterdam University Press, 2009
Quantum logic in dagger kernel categories
C Heunen, B Jacobs
Order 27 (2), 177-212, 2010
Categorical semantics for arrows
B Jacobs, C Heunen, I Hasuo
Journal of Functional Programming 19 (3-4), 403-438, 2009
The Gelfand spectrum of a noncommutative C*-algebra: a topos-theoretic approach
C Heunen, NP Landsman, B Spitters, S Wolters
Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society 90 (01), 39-52, 2011
Quantum realization of arbitrary joint measurability structures
R Kunjwal, C Heunen, T Fritz
Physical Review A 89 (5), 052126, 2014
Arrows, like monads, are monoids
C Heunen, B Jacobs
Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science 158, 219-236, 2006
Relative Frobenius algebras are groupoids
C Heunen, I Contreras, AS Cattaneo
Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra 217, 114-124, 2013
Denotational validation of higher-order Bayesian inference
A Ścibior, O Kammar, M Vákár, S Staton, H Yang, Y Cai, K Ostermann, ...
Proceedings of the ACM on Programming Languages 2 (POPL), 60, 2017
Active lattices determine AW*-algebras
C Heunen, ML Reyes
Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications 416, 289-313, 2012
Noncommutativity as a colimit
B Van Den Berg, C Heunen
Applied Categorical Structures, 1-22, 2011
Pictures of complete positivity in arbitrary dimension
B Coecke, C Heunen
Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science 95, 27-35, 2011
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