Franziska Eller
Franziska Eller
PhD, Bioscience, Aarhus University
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Increased invasive potential of non‐native Phragmites australis: elevated CO2 and temperature alleviate salinity effects on photosynthesis and growth
F Eller, C Lambertini, LX Nguyen, H Brix
Global Change Biology 20 (2), 531-543, 2014
Cosmopolitan species as models for ecophysiological responses to global change: the common reed Phragmites australis
F Eller, H Sklov, JS Caplan, GP Bhattarai, MK Burger, JT Cronin, ...
Frontiers in Plant Science 8, 1833, 2017
Global networks for invasion science: benefits, challenges and guidelines
JG Packer, LA Meyerson, DM Richardson, G Brundu, WJ Allen, ...
Biological Invasions 19 (4), 1081-1096, 2017
Different genotypes of Phragmites australis show distinct phenotypic plasticity in response to nutrient availability and temperature
F Eller, H Brix
Aquatic Botany 103, 89-97, 2012
Differences in salinity tolerance of genetically distinct Phragmites australis clones
L Achenbach, F Eller, LX Nguyen, H Brix
AoB Plants 5, 2013
Influence of low calcium availability on cadmium uptake and translocation in a fast-growing shrub and a metal-accumulating herb
F Eller, H Brix
AoB plants 8, 2016
Invasive submerged freshwater macrophytes are more plastic in their response to light intensity than to the availability of free CO2 in air‐equilibrated water
F Eller, AB Alnoee, T Boderskov, WY Guo, AT Kamp, BK Sorrell, H Brix
Freshwater Biology 60 (5), 929-943, 2015
Interactive effects of elevated temperature and CO2 on two phylogeographically distinct clones of common reed (Phragmites australis)
F Eller, C Lambertini, LX Nguyen, L Achenbach, H Brix
AoB Plants 5, 2013
Phragmitesaustralis: How do genotypes of different phylogeographic origins differ from their invasive genotypes in growth, nitrogen allocation and gas exchange?
BT Tho, BK Sorrell, C Lambertini, F Eller, H Brix
Biological invasions 18 (9), 2563-2576, 2016
Nighttime stomatal conductance differs with nutrient availability in two temperate floodplain tree species
F Eller, K Jensen, C Reisdorff
Tree physiology 37 (4), 428-440, 2017
Photosynthesis of co-existing Phragmites haplotypes in their non-native range: are characteristics determined by adaptations derived from their native origin?
LX Nguyen, C Lambertini, BK Sorrell, F Eller, L Achenbach, H Brix
AoB Plants 5, 2013
Ammonium and nitrate are both suitable inorganic nitrogen forms for the highly productive wetland grass Arundo donax, a candidate species for wetland paludiculture
BT Tho, C Lambertini, F Eller, H Brix, BK Sorrell
Ecological Engineering 105, 379-386, 2017
Hybrid Napier grass as a candidate species for bio-energy in plant-based water treatment systems: Interactive effects of nitrogen and water depth
T Pincam, H Brix, F Eller, A Jampeetong
Aquatic Botany 138, 82-91, 2017
Phenotypic traits of the Mediterranean Phragmites australis M1 lineage: differences between the native and introduced ranges
WY Guo, C Lambertini, X Guo, XZ Li, F Eller, H Brix
Biological Invasions 18 (9), 2551-2561, 2016
Assessing nutrient responses and biomass quality for selection of appropriate paludiculture crops
L Ren, F Eller, C Lambertini, WY Guo, H Brix, BK Sorrell
Science of the Total Environment 664, 1150-1161, 2019
Expression of major photosynthetic and salt‐resistance genes in invasive reed lineages grown under elevated CO2 and temperature
F Eller, C Lambertini, MW Nielsen, S Radutoiu, H Brix
Ecology and evolution 4 (21), 4161-4172, 2014
Minimum Fe requirement and toxic tissue concentration of Fe in Phragmites australis: A tool for alleviating Fe-deficiency in constructed wetlands
L Ren, F Eller, C Lambertini, WY Guo, BK Sorrell, H Brix
Ecological Engineering 118, 152-160, 2018
Shea (Vitellaria paradoxa C. F. Gaertn.) at the crossroads: current knowledge and research gaps
D Tom-Dery, F Eller, C Reisdorff, K Jensen
Agroforestry Systems 92 (5), 1353-1371, 2018
Effects of elevated carbon dioxide and climate change on biomass and nutritive value of Kyasuwa (Cenchrus pedicellatus Trin.)
D Tom-Dery, F Eller, K Jensen, C Reisdorff
Journal of Applied Botany and Food Quality 91, 88-95, 2018
Facilitation or Competition? The Effects of the Shrub Species Tamarix chinensis on Herbaceous Communities are Dependent on the Successional Stage in an…
N Du, P Wu, F Eller, D Zhou, J Liu, W Gan, R Yang, M Dai, Y Chen, ...
Wetlands 37 (5), 899-911, 2017
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