Anna Sandionigi
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DNA (meta) barcoding of biological invasions: a powerful tool to elucidate invasion processes and help managing aliens
T Comtet, A Sandionigi, F Viard, M Casiraghi
Biological Invasions 17 (3), 905-922, 2015
A DNA barcoding approach to characterize pollen collected by honeybees
A Galimberti, F De Mattia, I Bruni, D Scaccabarozzi, A Sandionigi, ...
PloS one 9 (10), e109363, 2014
Origins and evolution of the Etruscans’ mtDNA
S Ghirotto, F Tassi, E Fumagalli, V Colonna, A Sandionigi, M Lari, S Vai, ...
PLoS One 8 (2), e55519, 2013
Analytical approaches for DNA barcoding data–how to find a way for plants?
A Sandionigi, A Galimberti, M Labra, E Ferri, E Panunzi, F De Mattia, ...
Plant Biosystems-An International Journal Dealing with all Aspects of Plant …, 2012
DNA barcoding for minor crops and food traceability
A Galimberti, M Labra, A Sandionigi, A Bruno, V Mezzasalma, F De Mattia
Advances in Agriculture 2014, 2014
DNA barcoding in mammals: what's new and where next?
A Galimberti, A Sandionigi, A Bruno, A Bellati, M Casiraghi
Hystrix, the Italian Journal of Mammalogy 26 (1), 13-24, 2015
A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial: the efficacy of multispecies probiotic supplementation in alleviating symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome associated with …
V Mezzasalma, E Manfrini, E Ferri, A Sandionigi, B La Ferla, I Schiano, ...
BioMed research international 2016, 2016
Grape microbiome as a reliable and persistent signature of field origin and environmental conditions in Cannonau wine production
V Mezzasalma, A Sandionigi, I Bruni, A Bruno, G Lovicu, M Casiraghi, ...
PloS one 12 (9), e0184615, 2017
Exploring the under-investigated “microbial dark matter” of drinking water treatment plants
A Bruno, A Sandionigi, E Rizzi, M Bernasconi, S Vicario, A Galimberti, ...
Scientific reports 7, 44350, 2017
Towards a better understanding of Apis mellifera and Varroa destructor microbiomes: introducing ‘phyloh’ as a novel phylogenetic diversity analysis tool
A Sandionigi, S Vicario, EM Prosdocimi, A Galimberti, E Ferri, A Bruno, ...
Molecular ecology resources 15 (4), 697-710, 2015
Comparison of the active and resident community of a coastal microbial mat
DC Cardoso, A Sandionigi, MS Cretoiu, M Casiraghi, L Stal, H Bolhuis
Scientific reports 7 (1), 2969, 2017
One step forwards for the routine use of high‐throughput DNA sequencing in environmental monitoring. An efficient and standardizable method to maximize the detection of …
A Bruno, A Sandionigi, A Galimberti, E Siani, M Labra, C Cocuzza, E Ferri, ...
MicrobiologyOpen 6 (1), e00421, 2017
Geographical and cultivar features differentiate grape microbiota in Northern Italy and Spain vineyards
V Mezzasalma, A Sandionigi, L Guzzetti, A Galimberti, MS Grando, ...
Frontiers in Microbiology 9, 946, 2018
Life with or without names
M Casiraghi, A Galimberti, A Sandionigi, A Bruno, M Labra
Evolutionary Biology 43 (4), 582-595, 2016
Towards a universal molecular approach for the quality control of new foodstuffs
A Galimberti, A Sandionigi, A Bruno, I Bruni, M Barbuto, M Casiraghi, ...
Advances in Food Biotechnology, 37, 2015
The female ancestor's tale: Long‐term matrilineal continuity in a nonisolated region of Tuscany
M Leonardi, A Sandionigi, A Conzato, S Vai, M Lari, F Tassi, S Ghirotto, ...
American journal of physical anthropology 167 (3), 497-506, 2018
Tackling critical parameters in metazoan meta-barcoding experiments: a preliminary study based on coxI DNA barcode
B Balech, A Sandionigi, C Manzari, E Trucchi, A Tullo, F Licciulli, G Grillo, ...
PeerJ 6, e4845, 2018
Changes in the drinking water microbiome: effects of water treatments along the flow of two drinking water treatment plants in a urbanized area, Milan (Italy).
A Bruno, A Sandionigi, M Bernasconi, A Panio, M Labra, M Casiraghi
Frontiers in microbiology 9, 2557, 2018
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