Emanuela Pitzalis
Emanuela Pitzalis
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Nanoscale copper particles derived from solvated Cu atoms in the activation of molecular oxygen
G Vitulli, M Bernini, S Bertozzi, E Pitzalis, P Salvadori, S Coluccia, ...
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Glutathione transferase omega 1-1 (GSTO1-1) plays an anti-apoptotic role in cell resistance to cisplatin toxicity
S Piaggi, C Raggi, A Corti, E Pitzalis, MC Mascherpa, M Saviozzi, ...
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Physico-chemical properties of Pd nanoparticles produced by Pulsed Laser Ablation in different organic solvents
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Determination of the deuterium/hydrogen ratio in gas reaction products by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy
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On the difference in decomposition of taxifolin and luteolin vs. fisetin and quercetin in aqueous media
R Sokolov, Š Ramešov, J Kocbov, V Kolivoška, I Degano, E Pitzalis
Monatshefte fr Chemie-Chemical Monthly 147, 1375-1383, 2016
Isostructural organic–inorganic hybrids of P, P′-diphenyl-methylenediphosphinate (CH2 (P (Ph) O2) 2) 2− with divalent transition metals
E Berti, F Cecconi, CA Ghilardi, S Midollini, A Orlandini, E Pitzalis
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Chemical generation of arsane and methylarsanes with amine boranes. Potentialities for nonchromatographic speciation of arsenic
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Effect of additives on the chemical vapour generation of bismuthane by tetrahydroborate (III) derivatization
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Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 388, 783-791, 2007
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