Marcin Markiewicz
Marcin Markiewicz
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Noisy metrology beyond the standard quantum limit
R Chaves, JB Brask, M Markiewicz, J Kołodyński, A Acín
Physical review letters 111 (12), 120401, 2013
Quantum communication complexity advantage implies violation of a Bell inequality
H Buhrman, Ł Czekaj, A Grudka, M Horodecki, P Horodecki, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113 (12), 3191-3196, 2016
Correlation-tensor criteria for genuine multiqubit entanglement
W Laskowski, M Markiewicz, T Paterek, M Żukowski
Physical Review A 84 (6), 062305, 2011
Perfect state transfer without state initialization and remote collaboration
M Markiewicz, M Wieśniak
Physical Review A 79 (5), 054304, 2009
Unified approach to contextuality, nonlocality, and temporal correlations
M Markiewicz, P Kurzyński, J Thompson, SY Lee, A Soeda, T Paterek, ...
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Nonclassicality of temporal correlations
S Brierley, A Kosowski, M Markiewicz, T Paterek, A Przysiężna
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Three-dimensional visualization of a qutrit
P Kurzyński, A Kołodziejski, W Laskowski, M Markiewicz
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Physics and metaphysics of Wigner’s friends: Even performed premeasurements have no results
M Żukowski, M Markiewicz
Physical Review Letters 126 (13), 130402, 2021
What can be observed locally? Round-based models for quantum distributed computing
C Gavoille, A Kosowski, M Markiewicz
International Symposium on Distributed Computing, 243-257, 2009
Entangling three qubits without ever touching
P Blasiak, M Markiewicz
Scientific Reports 9 (1), 20131, 2019
Detecting genuine multipartite entanglement of pure states with bipartite correlations
M Markiewicz, W Laskowski, T Paterek, M Żukowski
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Nonlocality activation in entanglement-swapping chains
W Kłobus, W Laskowski, M Markiewicz, A Grudka
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From contextuality of a single photon to realism of an electromagnetic wave
M Markiewicz, D Kaszlikowski, P Kurzyński, A Wójcik
npj Quantum information 5 (1), 5, 2019
Quantum computation speedup limits from quantum metrological precision bounds
R Demkowicz-Dobrzański, M Markiewicz
Physical Review A 91 (6), 062322, 2015
Can single photon excitation of two spatially separated modes lead to a violation of Bell inequality via weak-field homodyne measurements?
T Das, M Karczewski, A Mandarino, M Markiewicz, B Woloncewicz, ...
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Incompatible local hidden-variable models of quantum correlations
W Laskowski, M Markiewicz, T Paterek, M Wieśniak
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Probing the quantum–classical boundary with compression software
HS Poh, M Markiewicz, P Kurzyński, A Cerè, D Kaszlikowski, C Kurtsiefer
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Remarks about Bell-nonclassicality of a single photon
T Das, M Karczewski, A Mandarino, M Markiewicz, B Woloncewicz, ...
Physics Letters A 435, 128031, 2022
Finding traps in nonlinear spin arrays
M Wieśniak, M Markiewicz
Physical Review A 81 (3), 032340, 2010
Wave–particle complementarity: Detecting violation of local realism with photon-number resolving weak-field homodyne measurements
T Das, M Karczewski, A Mandarino, M Markiewicz, B Woloncewicz, ...
New Journal of Physics 24 (3), 033017, 2022
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