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Whole-genome sequence of Schistosoma haematobium
ND Young, AR Jex, B Li, S Liu, L Yang, Z Xiong, Y Li, C Cantacessi, ...
Nature genetics 44 (2), 221, 2012
Ascaris suum draft genome
AR Jex, S Liu, B Li, ND Young, RS Hall, Y Li, L Yang, N Zeng, X Xu, ...
Nature 479 (7374), 529-533, 2011
Unlocking the transcriptomes of two carcinogenic parasites, Clonorchis sinensis and Opisthorchis viverrini
ND Young, BE Campbell, RS Hall, AR Jex, C Cantacessi, T Laha, ...
PLoS neglected tropical diseases 4 (6), 2010
A portrait of the “SCP/TAPS” proteins of eukaryotes—developing a framework for fundamental research and biotechnological outcomes
C Cantacessi, BE Campbell, A Visser, P Geldhof, MJ Nolan, AJ Nisbet, ...
Biotechnology advances 27 (4), 376-388, 2009
Elucidating the transcriptome of Fasciola hepatica—a key to fundamental and biotechnological discoveries for a neglected parasite
ND Young, RS Hall, AR Jex, C Cantacessi, RB Gasser
Biotechnology advances 28 (2), 222-231, 2010
Efficacy of a combination of 10% imidacloprid/50% permethrin for the prevention of leishmaniasis in kennelled dogs in an endemic area
D Otranto, P Paradies, RP Lia, MS Latrofa, G Testini, C Cantacessi, ...
Veterinary Parasitology 144 (3-4), 270-278, 2007
Phortica variegata as an intermediate host of Thelazia callipaeda under natural conditions: evidence for pathogen transmission by a male arthropod vector
D Otranto, C Cantacessi, G Testini, RP Lia
International journal for parasitology 36 (10-11), 1167-1173, 2006
The role of wild canids and felids in spreading parasites to dogs and cats in Europe. Part II: Helminths and arthropods
D Otranto, C Cantacessi, F Dantas-Torres, E Brianti, M Pfeffer, C Genchi, ...
Veterinary Parasitology 213 (1-2), 24-37, 2015
Human thelaziosis—a neglected parasitic disease of the eye
J Shen, RB Gasser, D Chu, Z Wang, X Yuan, C Cantacessi, D Otranto
Journal of Parasitology 92 (4), 872-876, 2006
Carcinogenic liver fluke secretes extracellular vesicles that promote cholangiocytes to adopt a tumorigenic phenotype
S Chaiyadet, J Sotillo, M Smout, C Cantacessi, MK Jones, MS Johnson, ...
The Journal of infectious diseases 212 (10), 1636-1645, 2015
Impact of experimental hookworm infection on the human gut microbiota
C Cantacessi, P Giacomin, J Croese, M Zakrzewski, J Sotillo, L McCann, ...
The Journal of infectious diseases 210 (9), 1431-1434, 2014
A portrait of the transcriptome of the neglected trematode, Fasciola gigantica—biological and biotechnological implications
ND Young, AR Jex, C Cantacessi, RS Hall, BE Campbell, TW Spithill, ...
PLoS neglected tropical diseases 5 (2), 2011
Massively parallel sequencing and analysis of the Necator americanus transcriptome
C Cantacessi, M Mitreva, AR Jex, ND Young, BE Campbell, RS Hall, ...
PLoS neglected tropical diseases 4 (5), 2010
A practical, bioinformatic workflow system for large data sets generated by next-generation sequencing
C Cantacessi, AR Jex, RS Hall, ND Young, BE Campbell, A Joachim, ...
Nucleic acids research 38 (17), e171-e171, 2010
The past, present, and future of Leishmania genomics and transcriptomics
C Cantacessi, F Dantas-Torres, MJ Nolan, D Otranto
Trends in parasitology 31 (3), 100-108, 2015
Nematode biology and larval development of Thelazia callipaeda (Spirurida, Thelaziidae) in the drosophilid intermediate host in Europe and China
D Otranto, RP Lia, C Cantacessi, G Testini, A Troccoli, JL Shen, ZX Wang
Parasitology 131 (6), 847-855, 2005
First reports of autochthonous eyeworm infection by Thelazia callipaeda (Spirurida, Thelaziidae) in dogs and cat from France
P Dorchies, G Chaudieu, LA Simon, G Cazalot, C Cantacessi, D Otranto
Veterinary parasitology 149 (3-4), 294-297, 2007
The zoophilic fruitfly Phortica variegata: morphology, ecology and biological niche
D Otranto, E Brianti, C Cantacessi, RP Lia, J Mca
Medical and veterinary entomology 20 (4), 358-364, 2006
Efficacy of a combination of imidacloprid 10%/permethrin 50% versus fipronil 10%/(S)-methoprene 12%, against ticks in naturally infected dogs
D Otranto, RP Lia, C Cantacessi, G Galli, P Paradies, E Mallia, G Capelli
Veterinary parasitology 130 (3-4), 293-304, 2005
Experimental hookworm infection and escalating gluten challenges are associated with increased microbial richness in celiac subjects
P Giacomin, M Zakrzewski, J Croese, X Su, J Sotillo, L McCann, ...
Scientific reports 5, 13797, 2015
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