Ester M Eckert
Ester M Eckert
Water Research Institute Verbania
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Co-occurrence of integrase 1, antibiotic and heavy metal resistance genes in municipal wastewater treatment plants
A Di Cesare, EM Eckert, S D'Urso, R Bertoni, DC Gillan, R Wattiez, ...
Water research 94, 208-214, 2016
Rapid successions affect microbial N‐acetyl‐glucosamine uptake patterns during a lacustrine spring phytoplankton bloom
EM Eckert, MM Salcher, T Posch, B Eugster, J Pernthaler
Environmental microbiology 14 (3), 794-806, 2012
Co-selection of antibiotic and heavy metal resistance in freshwater bacteria
A Di Cesare, E Eckert, G Corno
Journal of Limnology, 2016
Constitutive presence of antibiotic resistance genes within the bacterial community of a large subalpine lake
A Di Cesare, EM Eckert, A Teruggi, D Fontaneto, R Bertoni, C Callieri, ...
Molecular ecology 24 (15), 3888-3900, 2015
Bacterial epibionts of Daphnia: a potential route for the transfer of dissolved organic carbon in freshwater food webs
EM Eckert, J Pernthaler
The ISME journal 8 (9), 1808, 2014
Grazing resistant freshwater bacteria profit from chitin and cell‐wall‐derived organic carbon
EM Eckert, M Baumgartner, IM Huber, J Pernthaler
Environmental microbiology 15 (7), 2019-2030, 2013
Rainfall increases the abundance of antibiotic resistance genes within a riverine microbial community
A Di Cesare, EM Eckert, M Rogora, G Corno
Environmental pollution 226, 473-478, 2017
Microplastics increase impact of treated wastewater on freshwater microbial community
EM Eckert, A Di Cesare, MT Kettner, M Arias-Andres, D Fontaneto, ...
Environmental pollution 234, 495-502, 2018
Daphnia as a refuge for an antibiotic resistance gene in an experimental freshwater community
EM Eckert, A Di Cesare, B Stenzel, D Fontaneto, G Corno
Science of the Total Environment 571, 77-81, 2016
Network of interactions between ciliates and phytoplankton during spring
T Posch, B Eugster, F Pomati, J Pernthaler, G Pitsch, EM Eckert
Frontiers in microbiology 6, 1289, 2015
Archaea and Bacteria in deep lake hypolimnion: in situ dark inorganic carbon uptake
C Callieri, M Coci, EM Eckert, MM Salcher, R Bertoni
Journal of limnology 73 (1), 2014
Assessing the influence of vegan, vegetarian and omnivore oriented Westernized dietary styles on human gut microbiota: a cross sectional study
C Losasso, EM Eckert, E Mastrorilli, J Villiger, M Mancin, I Patuzzi, ...
Frontiers in microbiology 9, 317, 2018
Defence strategies and antibiotic resistance gene abundance in enterococci under stress by exposure to low doses of peracetic acid
A Turolla, R Sabatino, D Fontaneto, EM Eckert, N Colinas, G Corno, ...
Chemosphere 185, 480-488, 2017
Tracing particulate matter and associated microorganisms in freshwaters
S Amalfitano, G Corno, E Eckert, S Fazi, S Ninio, C Callieri, HP Grossart, ...
Hydrobiologia 800 (1), 145-154, 2017
Persistence of antibiotic resistance genes in large subalpine lakes: the role of anthropogenic pollution and ecological interactions
EM Eckert, A Di Cesare, M Coci, G Corno
Hydrobiologia 824 (1), 93-108, 2018
Impact of industrial wastewater on the dynamics of antibiotic resistance genes in a full-scale urban wastewater treatment plant
A Fiorentino, A Di Cesare, EM Eckert, L Rizzo, D Fontaneto, Y Yang, ...
Science of the Total Environment 646, 1204-1210, 2019
Does a Barcoding Gap Exist in Prokaryotes? Evidences from Species Delimitation in Cyanobacteria
EM Eckert, D Fontaneto, M Coci, C Callieri
Life 5 (1), 50-64, 2015
The microbiome associated with two Synechococcus ribotypes at different levels of ecological interaction
C Callieri, S Amalfitano, G Corno, A Di Cesare, R Bertoni, EM Eckert
Journal of phycology 53 (6), 1151-1158, 2017
Diverse distribution of Toxin-Antitoxin II systems in Salmonella enterica serovars
A Di Cesare, C Losasso, L Barco, EM Eckert, D Conficoni, G Sarasini, ...
Scientific reports 6, 28759, 2016
Antibiotic disturbance affects aquatic microbial community composition and food web interactions but not community resilience
EM Eckert, GM Quero, A Di Cesare, G Manfredini, F Mapelli, S Borin, ...
Molecular ecology 28 (5), 1170-1182, 2019
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