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Anticancer activity of biogenerated silver nanoparticles: an integrated proteomic investigation
M Buttacavoli, NN Albanese, G Di Cara, R Alduina, C Faleri, M Gallo, ...
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The seed endosphere of Anadenanthera colubrina is inhabited by a complex microbiota, including Methylobacterium spp. and Staphylococcus spp. with potential plant-growthá…
P Alibrandi, M Cardinale, MDM Rahman, F Strati, P Cinß, ML de Viana, ...
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Adaptative biochemical pathways and regulatory networks in Klebsiella oxytoca BAS-10 producing a biotechnologically relevant exopolysaccharide during Fe (III)-citrate fermentation
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Artificial chromosomes to explore and to exploit biosynthetic capabilities of actinomycetes
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Polysaccharide-based silver nanoparticles synthesized by Klebsiella oxytoca DSM 29614 cause DNA fragmentation in E. coli cells
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Differential proteomic analysis highlights metabolic strategies associated with balhimycin production in Amycolatopsis balhimycina chemostat cultivations
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Supramolecular Hydro‐and Ionogels: A Study of Their Properties and Antibacterial Activity
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Influence of Drawing on the Antimicrobial and Physical Properties of Chlorhexidine‐Compounded Poly (caprolactone) Monofilaments
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Draft genome sequence of the Microbispora sp. strain ATCC-PTA-5024, producing the lantibiotic NAI-107
M Sosio, G Gallo, R Pozzi, S Serina, P Monciardini, A Bera, E Stegmann, ...
Genome announcements 2 (1), 2014
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