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Surface studies of in vitro biocompatibility of titanium oxide coatings
MP Casaletto, GM Ingo, S Kaciulis, G Mattogno, L Pandolfi, G Scavia
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F Galeotti, W Mrz, G Scavia, C Botta
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Coating ZnO nanoparticle films with DNA nanolayers for enhancing the electron extracting properties and performance of polymer solar cells
J Dagar, G Scavia, M Scarselli, S Destri, M De Crescenzi, TM Brown
Nanoscale 9 (48), 19031-19038, 2017
Effect of the silanization and annealing on the morphology of thin poly (3-hexylthiophene)(P3HT) layer on silicon oxide
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Nanostructured organometallic polymer and palladium/polymer hybrid: surface investigation and sensitivity to relative humidity and hydrogen in surface acoustic wave sensors
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Structural iridescent tuned colors from self-assembled polymer opal surfaces
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Journal of Materials Chemistry A 1 (3), 715-727, 2013
The effect of perylene diimides chemical structure on the photovoltaic performance of P3HT/perylene diimides solar cells
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Structural investigation on bulk poly (3-hexylthiophene): Combined SAXS, WAXD, and AFM studies
M Canetti, F Bertini, G Scavia, W Porzio
European polymer journal 45 (9), 2572-2579, 2009
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