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Francesco Palmisano
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Glucose fast-response amperometric sensor based on glucose oxidase immobilized in an electropolymerized poly (o-phenylenediamine) film
C Malitesta, F Palmisano, L Torsi, PG Zambonin
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A sensitivity-enhanced field-effect chiral sensor
L Torsi, GM Farinola, F Marinelli, MC Tanese, OH Omar, L Valli, F Babudri, ...
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Solid-phase microextraction–gas chromatography mass spectrometry: a fast and simple screening method for the assessment of organophosphorus pesticides residues in wine andá…
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Speciation of mercury in dolphin liver: a two-stage mechanism for the demethylation accumulation process and role of selenium
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o-Phenylenediamine electropolymerization by cyclic voltammetry combined with electrospray ionization-ion trap mass spectrometry
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An interference-free biosensor based on glucose oxidase electrochemically immobilized in a non-conducting poly (pyrrole) film for continuous subcutaneous monitoring of glucoseá…
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Electrosynthesized non-conducting polymers as permselective membranes in amperometric enzyme electrodes: a glucose biosensor based on a co-crosslinked glucose oxidaseá…
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