Francisco J. Serrano
Francisco J. Serrano
PostDoc Research at Universidad de Malaga
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Shape at the cross‐roads: homoplasy and history in the evolution of the carnivoran skull towards herbivory
B Figueirido, FJ Serrano‐Alarcón, GJ Slater, P Palmqvist
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Flight reconstruction of two European enantiornithines (Aves, Pygostylia) and the achievement of bounding flight in Early Cretaceous birds
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Osteohistology and Life History of the Basal Pygostylian, Confuciusornis sanctus
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Anatomy and Flight Performance of the Early Enantiornithine Bird Protopteryx fengningensis: Information from New Specimens of the Early Cretaceous Huajiying …
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The Anatomical Record 303 (4), 716-731, 2020
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Soft tissue preservation in two new enantiornithine specimens (Aves) from the Lower Cretaceous Huajiying Formation of Hebei Province, China
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Dental caries in the fossil record: a window to the evolution of dietary plasticity in an extinct bear
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The effect of long-term atmospheric changes on the macroevolution of birds
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Methods of studying early theropod flight
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Morphological Disparity of the Humerus in Modern Birds
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Laser-stimulated fluorescence refines flight modelling of the Early Cretaceous bird Sapeornis
FJ Serrano, M Pittman, TG Kaye, XL Wang, XT Zheng, LM Chiappe
Pennaraptoran Theropod Dinosaurs: Past Progress and New Frontiers 420, 333-344, 2020
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