Sitaramanjaneya Mouli Thalluri
Sitaramanjaneya Mouli Thalluri
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A novel coral-like porous SnO 2 hollow architecture: biomimetic swallowing growth mechanism and enhanced photovoltaic property for dye-sensitized solar cell application
J Liu, T Luo, SM Thalluri, F Meng, B Sun, M Li, J Liu
Chemical Communications 46 (3), 472-474, 2010
Green-synthesized W-and Mo-doped BiVO4 oriented along the {0 4 0} facet with enhanced activity for the sun-driven water oxidation
SM Thalluri, S Hernandez, S Bensaid, G Saracco, N Russo
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 180, 630-636, 2016
Vapor–solid synthesis of monolithic single-crystalline CoP nanowire electrodes for efficient and robust water electrolysis
W Li, X Gao, D Xiong, F Xia, J Liu, WG Song, J Xu, SM Thalluri, ...
Chemical science 8 (4), 2952-2958, 2017
Elucidation of important parameters of BiVO4 responsible for photo-catalytic O2 evolution and insights about the rate of the catalytic process
SM Thalluri, CM Suarez, S Hernández, S Bensaid, G Saracco, N Russo
Chemical Engineering Journal 245, 124-132, 2014
Green-Synthesized BiVO4 Oriented along {040} Facets for Visible-Light-Driven Ethylene Degradation
SM Thalluri, M Hussain, G Saracco, J Barber, N Russo
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 53 (7), 2640-2646, 2014
Evaluation of the Parameters Affecting the Visible-Light-Induced Photocatalytic Activity of Monoclinic BiVO4 for Water Oxidation
SM Thalluri, C Martinez Suarez, M Hussain, S Hernandez, A Virga, ...
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 52 (49), 17414-17418, 2013
One‐Step Fabrication of Monolithic Electrodes Comprising Co9S8 Particles Supported on Cobalt Foam for Efficient and Durable Oxygen Evolution Reaction
D Xiong, Q Zhang, SM Thalluri, J Xu, W Li, X Fu, L Liu
Chemistry–A European Journal 23 (36), 8749-8755, 2017
Photo-catalytic activity of BiVO4 thin-film electrodes for solar-driven water splitting
S Hernández, SM Thalluri, A Sacco, S Bensaid, G Saracco, N Russo
Applied Catalysis A: General 504, 266-271, 2015
Facile biofunctionalization of silver nanoparticles for enhanced antibacterial properties, endotoxin removal, and biofilm control
PR Lambadi, TK Sharma, P Kumar, P Vasnani, SM Thalluri, N Bisht, ...
International journal of nanomedicine 10, 2155, 2015
High-performance flexible solid-state asymmetric supercapacitors based on bimetallic transition metal phosphide nanocrystals
N Zhang, Y Li, J Xu, J Li, B Wei, Y Ding, I Amorim, R Thomas, SM Thalluri, ...
ACS nano 13 (9), 10612-10621, 2019
Hollow cobalt phosphide octahedral pre-catalysts with exceptionally high intrinsic catalytic activity for electro-oxidation of water and methanol
J Xu, Y Liu, J Li, I Amorim, B Zhang, D Xiong, N Zhang, SM Thalluri, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 6 (42), 20646-20652, 2018
Chemically induced porosity on BiVO 4 films produced by double magnetron sputtering to enhance the photo-electrochemical response
SM Thalluri, RM Rojas, OD Rivera, S Hernández, N Russo, SE Rodil
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17 (27), 17821-17827, 2015
Insights from crystal size and band gap on the catalytic activity of monoclinic BiVO4
SRM Thalluri, C Martinez-Suarez, A Virga, N Russo, G Saracco
International Journal of Chemical Engineering and Applications 4 (5), 305, 2013
Highly-ordered silicon nanowire arrays for photoelectrochemical hydrogen evolution: an investigation on the effect of wire diameter, length and inter-wire spacing
SM Thalluri, J Borme, D Xiong, J Xu, W Li, I Amorim, P Alpuim, J Gaspar, ...
Sustainable Energy & Fuels 2 (5), 978-982, 2018
Conformal and continuous deposition of bifunctional cobalt phosphide layers on p-silicon nanowire arrays for improved solar hydrogen evolution
LL Sitaramanjaneva Mouli Thalluri, Jerome Borme, Kang Yu, Junyuan Xu, Isilda ...
Nano Research, 2018
Assembly, formation mechanism, and enhanced gas-sensing properties of porous and hierarchical SnO2 hollow nanostructures
J Liu, F Meng, Y Zhong, J Liu, G Chen, Y Wan, K Qian, S Mouli T
Journal of Materials Research 25 (10), 1992, 2010
Strategies for Semiconductor/Electrocatalyst Coupling toward Solar‐Driven Water Splitting
SM Thalluri, L Bai, C Lv, Z Huang, X Hu, L Liu
Advanced Science 7 (6), 1902102, 2020
Inverted Pyramid Textured p-Silicon Covered with Co2P as an Efficient and Stable Solar Hydrogen Evolution Photocathode
SM Thalluri, B Wei, K Welter, R Thomas, V Smirnov, L Qiao, Z Wang, ...
ACS Energy Letters 4 (7), 1755-1762, 2019
Effect of the KOH chemical treatment on the optical and photocatalytic properties of BiVO4 thin films
R Mirabal-Rojas, O Depablos-Rivera, SM Thalluri, JC Medina, M Bizarro, ...
Applied Physics A 122 (4), 325, 2016
Bi-metallic cobalt-nickel phosphide nanowires for electrocatalysis of the oxygen and hydrogen evolution reactions
I Amorim, J Xu, N Zhang, D Xiong, SM Thalluri, R Thomas, JPS Sousa, ...
Catalysis Today, 2019
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