Fabio Boschini
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Direct determination of mode-projected electron-phonon coupling in the time domain
MX Na, AK Mills, F Boschini, M Michiardi, B Nosarzewski, RP Day, ...
Science 366 (6470), 1231-1236, 2019
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E Carpene, H Hedayat, F Boschini, C Dallera
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Dynamic electron correlations with charge order wavelength along all directions in the copper oxide plane
F Boschini, M Minola, R Sutarto, E Schierle, M Bluschke, S Das, Y Yang, ...
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Signatures of Enhanced Superconducting Phase Coherence in Optimally Doped Driven by Midinfrared Pulse Excitations
F Giusti, A Marciniak, F Randi, G Sparapassi, F Boschini, H Eisaki, ...
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Measurement of the magneto-optical response of Fe and CrO epitaxial films by pump-probe spectroscopy: Evidence for spin-charge separation
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F Boschini, M Mansurova, G Mussler, J Kampmeier, D Grtzmacher, ...
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Stable Weyl points, trivial surface states, and particle-hole compensation in
E Razzoli, B Zwartsenberg, M Michiardi, F Boschini, RP Day, IS Elfimov, ...
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H Chu, S Kovalev, ZX Wang, L Schwarz, T Dong, L Feng, R Haenel, ...
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Time-resolved ARPES studies of quantum materials
F Boschini, M Zonno, A Damascelli
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MX Na, F Boschini, AK Mills, M Michiardi, RP Day, B Zwartsenberg, ...
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A flexible experimental setup for femtosecond time-resolved broad-band ellipsometry and magneto-optics
F Boschini, H Hedayat, C Piovera, C Dallera, A Gupta, E Carpene
Review of Scientific Instruments 86 (1), 2015
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