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Atomic Indium Catalysts for Switching CO2 Electroreduction Products from Formate to CO
W Guo, X Tan, J Bi, L Xu, D Yang, C Chen, Q Zhu, J Ma, A Tayal, J Ma, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 143 (18), 6877-6885, 2021
A tunable multivariate metal–organic framework as a platform for designing photocatalysts
Y Wang, H Lv, ES Grape, CA Gaggioli, A Tayal, A Dharanipragada, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 143 (17), 6333-6338, 2021
Kinetic Control of Long‐Range Cationic Ordering in the Synthesis of Layered Ni‐Rich Oxides
S Wang, W Hua, A Missyul, MSD Darma, A Tayal, S Indris, H Ehrenberg, ...
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Iridium–iron diatomic active sites for efficient bifunctional oxygen electrocatalysis
Z Yu, C Si, AP LaGrow, Z Tai, WA Caliebe, A Tayal, MJ Sampaio, ...
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Tuning of structural, optical band gap, and electrical properties of room-temperature-grown epitaxial thin films through the Fe2O3:NiO ratio
O Seo, A Tayal, J Kim, C Song, Y Chen, S Hiroi, Y Katsuya, T Ina, ...
Scientific Reports 9 (1), 4304, 2019
Constructing a Thin Disordered Self‐Protective Layer on the LiNiO2 Primary Particles Against Oxygen Release
J Chen, Y Yang, Y Tang, Y Wang, H Li, X Xiao, S Wang, MSD Darma, ...
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M Gupta, A Tayal, A Gupta, R Gupta, J Stahn, M Horisberger, A Wildes
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The structural origin of enhanced stability of Na3. 32Fe2. 11Ca0. 23 (P2O7) 2 cathode for Na-ion batteries
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Diffusion-induced stress optimization by boosted surface Li-concentration for single-crystal Ni-rich layered cathodes
Y Liu, Q Wang, L Chen, Z Xiao, X Fan, S Ma, L Ming, A Tayal, B Zhang, ...
Materials Today 61, 40-53, 2022
Electrochemical release of catalysts in nanoreactors for solid sulfur redox reactions in room-temperature sodium-sulfur batteries
Z Yan, Q Tian, Y Liang, L Jing, Z Hu, W Hua, A Tayal, W Lai, W Wang, ...
Cell Reports Physical Science 2 (8), 2021
Phosphoric acid and thermal treatments reveal the peculiar role of surface oxygen anions in lithium and manganese-rich layered oxides
J He, W Hua, A Missiul, G Melinte, C Das, A Tayal, T Bergfeldt, S Mangold, ...
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R Gupta, N Pandey, A Tayal, M Gupta
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Structural Origin of Suppressed Voltage Decay in Single‐Crystalline Li‐Rich Layered Li[Li0.2Ni0.2Mn0.6]O2 Cathodes
X Yang, S Wang, D Han, K Wang, A Tayal, V Baran, A Missyul, Q Fu, ...
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Effect of dopants on thermal stability and self-diffusion in iron-nitride thin films
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Physical Review B 90 (14), 144412, 2014
Architecting “Li-rich Ni-rich” core-shell layered cathodes for high-energy Li-ion batteries
Z Jing, S Wang, Q Fu, V Baran, A Tayal, NPM Casati, A Missyul, ...
Energy Storage Materials 59, 102775, 2023
Local geometry and electronic properties of nickel nanoparticles prepared via thermal decomposition of Ni-MOF-74
A Tayal, Y Chen, C Song, S Hiroi, LSR Kumara, N Palina, O Seo, ...
Inorganic chemistry 57 (16), 10072-10080, 2018
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