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Phylogeny of Eutardigrada: New molecular data and their morphological support lead to the identification of new evolutionary lineages
R Bertolani, R Guidetti, T Marchioro, T Altiero, L Rebecchi, M Cesari
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 76, 110-126, 2014
Tardigrade resistance to space effects: first results of experiments on the LIFE-TARSE mission on FOTON-M3 (September 2007)
L Rebecchi, T Altiero, R Guidetti, M Cesari, R Bertolani, M Negroni, ...
Astrobiology 9 (6), 581-591, 2009
DNA barcoding in Tardigrada: the first case study on Macrobiotus macrocalixáBertolani & Rebecchi 1993 (Eutardigrada, Macrobiotidae)
M Cesari, R Bertolani, L Rebecchi, R Guidetti
Molecular Ecology Resources 9 (3), 699-706, 2009
Survival and DNA degradation in anhydrobiotic tardigrades
L Rebecchi, M Cesari, T Altiero, A Frigieri, R Guidetti
Journal of Experimental Biology 212 (24), 4033-4039, 2009
A pest alien invasion in progress: potential pathways of origin of the brown marmorated stink bug Halyomorpha halys populations in Italy
M Cesari, L Maistrello, F Ganzerli, P Dioli, L Rebecchi, R Guidetti
Journal of Pest Science 88 (1), 1-7, 2015
Integrative systematic studies on tardigrades from Antarctica identify new genera and new species within Macrobiotoidea and Echiniscoidea
M Vecchi, M Cesari, R Bertolani, KI J÷nsson, L Rebecchi, R Guidetti
Invertebrate Systematics 30 (4), 303-322, 2016
DNA barcoding and integrative taxonomy of Macrobiotus hufelandi CAS Schultze 1834, the first tardigrade species to be described, and some related species
R Bertolani, L Rebecchi, I Giovannini, M Cesari
Zootaxa 2997 (19), 19-36, 2011
Taxonomy and biogeography of tardigrades using an integrated approach: new results on species of the Macrobiotus hufelandi group
R Bertolani, V Biserov, L Rebecchi, M Cesari
Invertebrate Zoology 8 (1), 23-36, 2011
The morphological and molecular analyses of a new South American urban tardigrade offer new insights on the biological meaning of the Macrobiotus hufelandi group of speciesá…
R Guidetti, JR Peluffo, AM Rocha, M Cesari, MCM de Peluffo
Journal of Natural History 47 (37-38), 2409-2426, 2013
Ultraviolet radiation tolerance in hydrated and desiccated eutardigrades
T Altiero, R Guidetti, V Caselli, M Cesari, L Rebecchi
Journal of Zoological Systematics and Evolutionary Research 49, 104-110, 2011
Molecular taxonomy and phylogeny of the ‘living fossil’ lineages Triops and Lepidurus (Branchiopoda: Notostraca)
B Mantovani, M Cesari, F Scanabissi
Zoologica Scripta 33 (4), 367-374, 2004
Unisexuality and molecular drive: Bag320 sequence diversity in Bacillus taxa (Insecta Phasmatodea)
A Luchetti, M Cesari, G Carrara, S Cavicchi, M Passamonti, V Scali, ...
Journal of molecular evolution 56 (5), 587-596, 2003
Polymerase chain reaction amplification of the Bag320 satellite family reveals the ancestral library and past gene conversion events in Bacillus rossius (Insecta Phasmatodea)
M Cesari, A Luchetti, M Passamonti, V Scali, B Mantovani
Gene 312, 289-295, 2003
Resistance of the anhydrobiotic eutardigrade Paramacrobiotus richtersi to space flight (LIFE–TARSE mission on FOTON‐M3)
L Rebecchi, T Altiero, M Cesari, R Bertolani, AM Rizzo, PA Corsetto, ...
Journal of Zoological Systematics and Evolutionary Research 49, 98-103, 2011
Integrative taxonomy allows the identification of synonymous species and the erection of a new genus of Echiniscidae (Tardigrada, Heterotardigrada)
F Vicente, P Fontoura, M Cesari, L Rebecchi, R Guidetti, A Serrano, ...
Zootaxa 3613 (6), 557-572, 2013
An example of problems associated with DNA barcoding in tardigrades: a novel method for obtaining voucher specimens
M Cesari, I Giovannini, R Bertolani, L Rebecchi
Zootaxa 3104 (1), 42-51, 2011
Androdioecy Inferred in the Clam Shrimp Eulimnadia Agassizii (Spinicaudata: Limnadiidae)
SC Weeks, RT Posgai, M Cesari, F Scanabissi
Journal of Crustacean Biology 25 (3), 323-328, 2005
Somatic musculature of Tardigrada: phylogenetic signal and metameric patterns
T Marchioro, L Rebecchi, M Cesari, JG Hansen, G Viotti, R Guidetti
Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 169 (3), 580-603, 2013
Morphological and molecular analyses on Richtersius (Eutardigrada) diversity reveal its new systematic position and lead to the establishment of a new genus andá…
R Guidetti, L Rebecchi, R Bertolani, KI J÷nsson, R M°bjerg Kristensen, ...
Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 178 (4), 834-845, 2016
Stress response of a boreo-alpine species of tardigrade, Borealibius zetlandicus (Eutardigrada, Hypsibiidae)
L Rebecchi, D Boschini, M Cesari, V Lencioni, R Bertolani, R Guidetti
Journal of Limnology 68 (1), 64-70, 2009
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