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Tuning the conductance of a molecular switch
M Del Valle, R Gutiérrez, C Tejedor, G Cuniberti
Nature nanotechnology 2 (3), 176, 2007
Spin specific electron conduction through DNA oligomers
Z Xie, TZ Markus, SR Cohen, Z Vager, R Gutierrez, R Naaman
Nano letters 11 (11), 4652-4655, 2011
Theory of an all-carbon molecular switch
R Gutiérrez, G Fagas, G Cuniberti, F Grossmann, R Schmidt, K Richter
Physical Review B 65 (11), 113410, 2002
Incoherent Electron− Phonon Scattering in Octanethiols
A Pecchia, A Di Carlo, A Gagliardi, S Sanna, T Frauenheim, R Gutierrez
Nano letters 4 (11), 2109-2114, 2004
Spin-selective transport through helical molecular systems
R Gutierrez, E Díaz, R Naaman, G Cuniberti
Physical Review B 85 (8), 081404, 2012
Dynamic and electronic transport properties of DNA translocation through graphene nanopores
SM Avdoshenko, D Nozaki, C Gomes da Rocha, JW González, MH Lee, ...
Nano letters 13 (5), 1969-1976, 2013
Charge transport through biomolecular wires in a solvent: bridging molecular dynamics and model Hamiltonian approaches
R Gutierrez, RA Caetano, BP Woiczikowski, T Kubar, M Elstner, ...
Physical review letters 102 (20), 208102, 2009
Engineering the figure of merit and thermopower in single-molecule devices connected to semiconducting electrodes
D Nozaki, H Sevinçli, W Li, R Gutiérrez, G Cuniberti
Physical Review B 81 (23), 235406, 2010
Dissipative effects in the electronic transport through DNA molecular wires
R Gutiérrez, S Mandal, G Cuniberti
Physical Review B 71 (23), 235116, 2005
Inelastic quantum transport in a ladder model: Implications for DNA conduction and comparison to experiments on suspended DNA oligomers
R Gutiérrez, S Mohapatra, H Cohen, D Porath, G Cuniberti
Physical Review B 74 (23), 235105, 2006
Combined density functional theory and Landauer approach for hole transfer in DNA along classical molecular dynamics trajectories
PB Woiczikowski, T Kubař, R Gutiérrez, RA Caetano, G Cuniberti, ...
The Journal of chemical physics 130 (21), 06B608, 2009
Quantum transport through a DNA wire in a dissipative environment
R Gutiérrez, S Mandal, G Cuniberti
Nano letters 5 (6), 1093-1097, 2005
Effect of oxygen on the growth of (101̄0) GaN surfaces: The formation of nanopipes
J Elsner, R Jones, M Haugk, R Gutierrez, T Frauenheim, MI Heggie, ...
Applied physics letters 73 (24), 3530-3532, 1998
Organic Zener diodes: tunneling across the gap in organic semiconductor materials
H Kleemann, R Gutierrez, F Lindner, S Avdoshenko, PD Manrique, ...
Nano letters 10 (12), 4929-4934, 2010
Ionization energies and Coulomb explosion of highly charged C60
G Seifert, R Gutierrez, R Schmidt
Physics Letters A 211 (6), 357-362, 1996
Structural fluctuations and quantum transport through DNA molecular wires: a combined molecular dynamics and model Hamiltonian approach
R Gutiérrez, R Caetano, PB Woiczikowski, T Kubar, M Elstner, G Cuniberti
New Journal of Physics 12 (2), 023022, 2010
Energy Transfer Dynamics in Biomaterial Systems
DA Ryndyk, R Gutiérrez, B Song, G Cuniberti
Springer Berlin Heidelberg 93, 213-335, 2009
Stoichiometric and non-stoichiometric (101̄0) and (112̄0) surfaces in 2H–SiC: a theoretical study
E Rauls, J Elsner, R Gutierrez, T Frauenheim
Solid state communications 111 (8), 459-464, 1999
Modeling spin transport in helical fields: derivation of an effective low-dimensional Hamiltonian
R Gutierrez, E Díaz, C Gaul, T Brumme, F Domínguez-Adame, G Cuniberti
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117 (43), 22276-22284, 2013
Structural stability versus conformational sampling in biomolecular systems: Why is the charge transfer efficiency in G4-DNA better than in double-stranded DNA?
PB Woiczikowski, T Kubař, R Gutiérrez, G Cuniberti, M Elstner
The Journal of chemical physics 133 (3), 07B606, 2010
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