Sherif Abdulkader Tawfik Abbas
Sherif Abdulkader Tawfik Abbas
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First-principles investigation of quantum emission from hBN defects
SA Tawfik, S Ali, M Fronzi, M Kianinia, TT Tran, C Stampfl, I Aharonovich, ...
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Sensing sulfur-containing gases using titanium and tin decorated zigzag graphene nanoribbons from first-principles
SPRCS Sherif Abdulkader Tawfik, X. Y. Cui, D. J. Carter
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2015
Evaluation of van der Waals density functionals for layered materials
SA Tawfik, T Gould, C Stampfl, MJ Ford
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Electrocatalytic Activity of a 2D Phosphorene‐Based Heteroelectrocatalyst for Photoelectrochemical Cells
M Batmunkh, A Shrestha, M Bat‐Erdene, MJ Nine, CJ Shearer, CT Gibson, ...
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Efficient and Fast Synthesis of Few‐Layer Black Phosphorus via Microwave‐Assisted Liquid‐Phase Exfoliation
M Bat‐Erdene, M Batmunkh, CJ Shearer, SA Tawfik, MJ Ford, LP Yu, ...
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Multiple CO 2 capture in stable metal-doped graphene: a theoretical trend study
SA Tawfik, XY Cui, SP Ringer, C Stampfl
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Systematic investigation of functional ligands for colloidal stable upconversion nanoparticles
HTT Duong, Y Chen, SA Tawfik, S Wen, M Parviz, O Shimoni, D Jin
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Anisotropic functionalization of upconversion nanoparticles
W Ren, S Wen, SA Tawfik, QP Su, G Lin, LA Ju, MJ Ford, H Ghodke, ...
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Efficiency Enhancement of Single‐Walled Carbon Nanotube‐Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells Using Microwave‐Exfoliated Few‐Layer Black Phosphorus
M Bat‐Erdene, M Batmunkh, SA Tawfik, M Fronzi, MJ Ford, CJ Shearer, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 27 (48), 1704488, 2017
High On/Off Conductance Switching Ratio via H-Tautomerization in Quinone
SA Tawfik, XY Cui, SP Ringer, C Stampfl
Journal of chemical theory and computation 11 (9), 4154-4158, 2015
First principles calculation of field emission from carbon nanotubes with nitrogen and boron doping
SA Tawfik, SM El-Sheikh, NM Salem
Physica E: Low-dimensional Systems and Nanostructures 44 (1), 111-114, 2011
Plasmonic slot waveguides with core nonlinearity
MA Swillam, SA Tawfik
Plasmonics 9 (2), 409-413, 2014
Plasmonic slot waveguides with core nonlinearity
SA Tawfik, MA Swillam
Ultrafast Phenomena and Nanophotonics XVII 8623, 86231R, 2013
Are dispersion corrections accurate outside equilibrium? A case study on benzene
T Gould, ER Johnson, SA Tawfik
Beilstein journal of organic chemistry 14 (1), 1181-1191, 2018
van der Waals forces control ferroelectric–antiferroelectric ordering in CuInP 2 S 6 and CuBiP 2 Se 6 laminar materials
JR Reimers, SA Tawfik, MJ Ford
Chemical science 9 (39), 7620-7627, 2018
Detection of adsorbed transition-metal porphyrins by spin-dependent conductance of graphene nanoribbon
P Kratzer, SA Tawfik, XY Cui, C Stampfl
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Large spin-filtering effect in Ti-doped defective zigzag graphene nanoribbon
SA Tawfik, XY Cui, SP Ringer, C Stampfl
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 18 (24), 16224-16228, 2016
Efficient Production of Phosphorene Nanosheets via Shear Stress Mediated Exfoliation for Low‐Temperature Perovskite Solar Cells
M Batmunkh, K Vimalanathan, C Wu, ASR Bati, LP Yu, SA Tawfik, ...
Small Methods 3 (5), 1800521, 2019
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