Fabio Dionigi
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NiFe‐Based (Oxy) hydroxide Catalysts for Oxygen Evolution Reaction in Non‐Acidic Electrolytes
F Dionigi, P Strasser
Advanced Energy Materials 6 (23), 1600621, 2016
Element-specific anisotropic growth of shaped platinum alloy nanocrystals
L Gan, C Cui, M Heggen, F Dionigi, S Rudi, P Strasser
Science 346 (6216), 1502-1506, 2014
Electrochemical hydrogen evolution: Sabatier’s principle and the volcano plot
AB Laursen, AS Varela, F Dionigi, H Fanchiu, C Miller, OL Trinhammer, ...
Journal of Chemical Education 89 (12), 1595-1599, 2012
Tantalum nitride nanorod arrays: introducing Ni–Fe layered double hydroxides as a cocatalyst strongly stabilizing photoanodes in water splitting
L Wang, F Dionigi, NT Nguyen, R Kirchgeorg, M Gliech, S Grigorescu, ...
Chemistry of Materials 27 (7), 2360-2366, 2015
Elemental anisotropic growth and atomic-scale structure of shape-controlled octahedral Pt–Ni–Co alloy nanocatalysts
RM Arán-Ais, F Dionigi, T Merzdorf, M Gocyla, M Heggen, ...
Nano letters 15 (11), 7473-7480, 2015
Design criteria, operating conditions, and nickel–iron hydroxide catalyst materials for selective seawater electrolysis
F Dionigi, T Reier, Z Pawolek, M Gliech, P Strasser
ChemSusChem 9 (9), 962-972, 2016
Gas phase photocatalytic water splitting with Rh 2− y Cr y O 3/GaN: ZnO in μ-reactors
F Dionigi, PCK Vesborg, T Pedersen, O Hansen, S Dahl, A Xiong, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 4 (8), 2937-2942, 2011
Suppression of the water splitting back reaction on GaN: ZnO photocatalysts loaded with core/shell cocatalysts, investigated using a μ-reactor
F Dionigi, PCK Vesborg, T Pedersen, O Hansen, S Dahl, A Xiong, ...
Journal of catalysis 292, 26-31, 2012
Plateau–insulator transition in graphene
M Amado, E Diez, D Lˇpez-Romero, F Rossella, JM Caridad, F Dionigi, ...
New Journal of Physics 12 (5), 053004, 2010
Alloy Nanocatalysts for the Electrochemical Oxygen Reduction (ORR) and the Direct Electrochemical Carbon Dioxide Reduction Reaction (CO2RR)
C Kim, F Dionigi, V Beermann, X Wang, T M÷ller, P Strasser
Advanced Materials 31 (31), 1805617, 2019
A comparison of rotating disc electrode, floating electrode technique and membrane electrode assembly measurements for catalyst testing
S Martens, L Asen, G Ercolano, F Dionigi, C Zalitis, A Hawkins, ...
Journal of Power Sources 392, 274-284, 2018
Optical detection of quantum Hall effect of composite fermions and evidence of the ν= 3/8 state
V Bellani, F Dionigi, F Rossella, M Amado, E Diez, G Biasiol, L Sorba
Physical Review B 81 (15), 155316, 2010
Direct electrolytic splitting of seawater: Opportunities and challenges
S Dresp, F Dionigi, M Klingenhof, P Strasser
ACS Energy Letters 4 (4), 933-942, 2019
Dealloyed PtNi-Core–Shell Nanocatalysts Enable Significant Lowering of Pt Electrode Content in Direct Methanol Fuel Cells
A Glüsen, F Dionigi, P Paciok, M Heggen, M Müller, L Gan, P Strasser, ...
ACS Catalysis 9 (5), 3764-3772, 2019
Impact of carbon support functionalization on the electrochemical stability of Pt fuel cell catalysts
H Schmies, E Hornberger, B Anke, T Jurzinsky, HN Nong, F Dionigi, ...
Chemistry of Materials 30 (20), 7287-7295, 2018
Direct electrolytic splitting of seawater: activity, selectivity, degradation, and recovery studied from the molecular catalyst structure to the electrolyzer cell level
S Dresp, F Dionigi, S Loos, J Ferreira de Araujo, C Sp÷ri, M Gliech, H Dau, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 8 (22), 1800338, 2018
A transparent Pyrex μ-reactor for combined in situ optical characterization and photocatalytic reactivity measurements
F Dionigi, MG Nielsen, T Pedersen, O Hansen, I Chorkendorff, ...
Review of Scientific Instruments 84 (10), 103910, 2013
Current challenges related to the deployment of shape-controlled Pt alloy oxygen reduction reaction nanocatalysts into low Pt-loaded cathode layers of proton exchange membraneá…
L Pan, S Ott, F Dionigi, P Strasser
Curr. Opin. Electrochem 18, 61-71, 2019
Controlling near-surface Ni composition in octahedral PtNi (Mo) nanoparticles by Mo doping for a highly active oxygen reduction reaction catalyst
F Dionigi, CC Weber, M Primbs, M Gocyla, AM Bonastre, C Spöri, ...
Nano letters 19 (10), 6876-6885, 2019
Photon-enhanced thermionic emission in cesiated p-type and n-type silicon
K Reck, F Dionigi, O Hansen
29th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition, 328-330, 2014
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