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A novel approach to the efficient oxygenation of hydrocarbons under mild conditions. Superior oxo transfer selectivity using dioxiranes
R Curci, L D'Accolti, C Fusco
Accounts of chemical research 39 (1), 1-9, 2006
Enantioselective epoxidation of unfunctionalized alkenes using dioxiranes generated in situ
R Curci, L D'Accolti, M Fiorentino, A Rosa
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Epoxidation and oxygen insertion into alkane CH bonds by dioxirane do not involve detectable radical pathways
W Adam, R Curci, L D'Accolti, A Dinoi, C Fusco, F Gasparrini, R Kluge, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 3 (1), 105-109, 1997
MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry detection of extra-virgin olive oil adulteration with hazelnut oil by analysis of phospholipids using an ionic liquid as matrix and extraction solvent
CD Calvano, C De Ceglie, L D’Accolti, CG Zambonin
Food chemistry 134 (2), 1192-1198, 2012
Oxidation of acetals, an orthoester, and ethers by dioxiranes through α-CH insertion
R Curci, L D'Accolti, M Fiorentino, C Fusco, W Adam, ME González-Nu, ...
Tetrahedron letters 33 (29), 4225-4228, 1992
Selective oxidation of optically active sec, sec-1, 2-diols by dioxiranes. A practical method for the synthesis of homochiral. alpha.-hydroxy ketones in high optical purity
L D'Accolti, A Detomaso, C Fusco, A Rosa, R Curci
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 58 (14), 3600-3601, 1993
Photoreduction of carbon dioxide to formic acid in aqueous suspension: a comparison between phthalocyanine/TiO2 and porphyrin/TiO2 catalysed processes
G Mele, C Annese, L D'Accolti, A De Riccardis, C Fusco, L Palmisano, ...
Molecules 20 (1), 396-415, 2015
Stereoselective synthesis of tetrasubstituted 2, 3-dihydrofurans by one-step cyclization of β-ketosulfides of benzothiazole and aldehydes in ionic liquids
V Calo, F Scordari, A Nacci, E Schingaro, L D'Accolti, A Monopoli
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 68 (11), 4406-4409, 2003
Selective oxidation of tertiary-secondary vic-diols to α-hydroxy ketones by dioxiranes
R Curci, L D'Accolti, A Detomaso, C Fusco, K Takeuchi, Y Ohga, PE Eaton, ...
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Sustainable preparation of cardanol-based nanocarriers with embedded natural phenolic compounds
E Bloise, M Becerra-Herrera, G Mele, A Sayago, L Carbone, L D’Accolti, ...
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 2 (5), 1299-1304, 2014
Oxidation of catechol and of 2, 6-di-tert-butylphenol by dioxiranes
A Altamura, C Fusco, L D'Accolti, R Mello, T Prencipe, R Curci
Tetrahedron letters 32 (40), 5445-5448, 1991
Turning lipophilic phthalocyanines/TiO2 composites into efficient photocatalysts for the conversion of CO2 into formic acid under UV–vis light irradiation
G Mele, C Annese, A De Riccardis, C Fusco, L Palmisano, G Vasapollo, ...
Applied Catalysis A: General 481, 169-172, 2014
Concerning the reactivity of dioxiranes. Observations from experiments and theory
C Annese, L D'Accolti, A Dinoi, C Fusco, R Gandolfi, R Curci
Journal of the American Chemical Society 130 (4), 1197-1204, 2008
Oxyfunctionalization of Non-Natural Targets by Dioxiranes. 5. Selective Oxidation of Hydrocarbons Bearing Cyclopropyl Moieties1
L D'Accolti, A Dinoi, C Fusco, A Russo, R Curci
The Journal of organic chemistry 68 (20), 7806-7810, 2003
First example of a lipophilic porphyrin-cardanol hybrid embedded in a cardanol-based micellar nanodispersion
E Bloise, L Carbone, G Colafemmina, L D’Accolti, SE Mazzetto, ...
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Effect of cyclodextrins on the physicochemical properties of chlorophyll a in aqueous solution
PL Dentuto, L Catucci, P Cosma, P Fini, A Agostiano, L D'Accolti, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 109 (3), 1313-1317, 2005
Selective oxidation of O-isopropylidene derivatives of diols to 2-hydroxy ketones employing dioxiranes
R Curci, L D'Accolti, A Dinoi, C Fusco, A Rosa
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Concerning selectivity in the oxidation of peptides by dioxiranes. Further insight into the effect of carbamate protecting groups
C Annese, L D’Accolti, M De Zotti, C Fusco, C Toniolo, PG Williard, ...
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Concerning the efficient conversion of epoxy alcohols into epoxy ketones using dioxiranes
L D'Accolti, C Fusco, C Annese, MR Rella, JS Turteltaub, PG Williard, ...
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 69 (24), 8510-8513, 2004
Concerning synthesis of ring-A fluorinated anthracyclines. The dioxirane shunt
L D'Accolti, C Fusco, MR Rella, R Curci
Synthetic communications 33 (17), 3009-3016, 2003
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