Mark Asplen
Mark Asplen
Associate Professor of Applied Ecology, Metropolitan State University
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Invasion biology of spotted wing Drosophila (Drosophila suzukii): a global perspective and future priorities
MK Asplen, G Anfora, A Biondi, DS Choi, D Chu, KM Daane, P Gibert, ...
Journal of Pest Science 88 (3), 469-494, 2015
European buckthorn and Asian soybean aphid as components of an extensive invasional meltdown in North America
GE Heimpel, LE Frelich, DA Landis, KR Hopper, KA Hoelmer, Z Sezen, ...
Biological Invasions 12 (9), 2913-2931, 2010
Multistate Comparison of Attractants for Monitoring Drosophila suzukii (Diptera: Drosophilidae) in Blueberries and Caneberries
HJ Burrack, M Asplen, L Bahder, J Collins, FA Drummond, C Gudot, ...
Environmental entomology 44 (3), 704-712, 2015
Almost there: transmission routes of bacterial symbionts between trophic levels
E Chiel, E Zchori-Fein, M Inbar, Y Gottlieb, T Adachi-Hagimori, SE Kelly, ...
PLoS One 4 (3), e4767, 2009
Cold Hardiness of Winter-Acclimated Drosophila suzukii (Diptera: Drosophilidae) Adults
AR Stephens, MK Asplen, WD Hutchison, RC Venette
Environmental entomology 44 (6), 1619-1626, 2015
Specialisation of bacterial endosymbionts that protect aphids from parasitoids
MK Asplen, N Bano, CM Brady, N Desneux, KR Hopper, C Malouines, ...
Ecological Entomology 39 (6), 736-739, 2014
A ‘Goldilocks’ hypothesis for dispersal of biological control agents
GE Heimpel, MK Asplen
BioControl 56 (4), 441-450, 2011
Worldwide populations of the aphid Aphis craccivora are infected with diverse facultative bacterial symbionts
CM Brady, MK Asplen, N Desneux, GE Heimpel, KR Hopper, CR Linnen, ...
Microbial ecology 67 (1), 195-204, 2014
Ancestral state reconstruction analysis of hymenopteran sex determination mechanisms
MK Asplen, JB Whitfield, JG De Boer, GE Heimpel
Journal of Evolutionary Biology 22 (8), 1762-1769, 2009
Factors limiting the spread of the protective symbiont Hamiltonella defensa in Aphis craccivora aphids
HR Dykstra, SR Weldon, AJ Martinez, JA White, KR Hopper, GE Heimpel, ...
Applied and Environmental Microbiology 80 (18), 5818-5827, 2014
Do trade‐offs have explanatory power for the evolution of organismal interactions?
MK Asplen, E Bruns, AS David, RF Denison, B Epstein, MC Kaiser, ...
Evolution: International Journal of Organic Evolution 66 (5), 1297-1307, 2012
Combined effects of host-plant resistance and intraguild predation on the soybean aphid parasitoid Binodoxys communis in the field
JM Chacn, MK Asplen, GE Heimpel
Biological Control 60 (1), 16-25, 2012
Impact of Eretmocerus eremicus (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae) on open-field Bemisia tabaci (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae) populations
DE Bellamy, MK Asplen, DN Byrne
Biological Control 29 (2), 227-234, 2004
Omnivory in the diet of juvenile dungeness crab, Cancer magister Dana
GC Jensen, MK Asplen
Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 226 (2), 175-182, 1998
Quantification and ultrastructure of oosorption in Eretmocerus eremicus (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae)
MK Asplen, DN Byrne
Journal of Morphology 267 (9), 1066-1074, 2006
Intraspecific variation in facultative symbiont infection among native and exotic pest populations: potential implications for biological control
N Desneux, MK Asplen, CM Brady, GE Heimpel, KR Hopper, C Luo, ...
Biological Control 116, 27-35, 2018
Parasitism of Autumnal Morphs of the Soybean Aphid (Hemiptera: Aphididae) by Binodoxys communis (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) on Buckthorn
MK Asplen, KAG Wyckhuys, GE Heimpel
Annals of the Entomological Society of America 104 (5), 935-944, 2011
The relationship between pre‐oviposition flight behaviour and reproductive timing in whitefly parasitoids
MK Asplen, JA Hardin, DN Byrne
Physiological Entomology 34 (4), 350-358, 2009
The defensive aphid symbiont Hamiltonella defensa affects host quality differently for Aphelinus glycinis versus Aphelinus atriplicis
KR Hopper, KL Kuhn, K Lanier, JH Rhoades, KM Oliver, JA White, ...
Biological Control 116, 3-9, 2018
The longevity effects of trehalulose feeding by parasitoids
JA Hardin, MK Asplen, DN Byrne
Physiological Entomology 33 (2), 95-100, 2008
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