Giovanni B. Andreozzi
Giovanni B. Andreozzi
Associate Professor, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
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Raman fingerprint of chromate, aluminate and ferrite spinels
V D'Ippolito, GB Andreozzi, D Bersani, PP Lottici
Journal of Raman Spectroscopy 46 (12), 1255-1264, 2015
Cation ordering and structural variations with temperature in MgAl2O4 spinel: An X-ray single-crystal study
GB Andreozzi, F Princivalle, H Skogby, A Della Giusta
American Mineralogist 85 (9), 1164-1171, 2000
Influence of cation distribution on the optical absorption spectra of Fe 3+-bearing spinel ss–hercynite crystals: evidence for electron transitions in VI Fe 2+–VI Fe 3+ clusters
U Hålenius, H Skogby, GB Andreozzi
Physics and Chemistry of Minerals 29, 319-330, 2002
A Mössbauer and structural investigation of Fe-ZSM-5 catalysts: Influence of Fe oxide nanoparticles size on the catalytic behaviour for the NO-SCR by C3H8
G Fierro, G Moretti, G Ferraris, GB Andreozzi
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 102 (1-2), 215-223, 2011
Kinetics of cation ordering in synthetic MgAl2O4 spinel
GB Andreozzi, F Princivalle
American Mineralogist 87 (7), 838-844, 2002
Crystal chemistry of the elbaite-schorl series
F Bosi, GB Andreozzi, M Federico, G Graziani, S Lucchesi
American Mineralogist 90 (11-12), 1784-1792, 2005
Structural relaxation around Cr3+ and the red-green color change in the spinel (sensu stricto)-magnesiochromite (MgAl2O4-MgCr2O4) and gahnite-zincochromite (ZnAl2O4-ZnCr2O4 …
U Hålenius, GB Andreozzi, H Skogby
American Mineralogist 95 (4), 456-462, 2010
Combined use of X-ray photoelectron and Mössbauer spectroscopic techniques in the analytical characterization of iron oxidation state in amphibole asbestos
M Fantauzzi, A Pacella, D Atzei, A Gianfagna, GB Andreozzi, A Rossi
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 396, 2889-2898, 2010
Ni-free, black ceramic pigments based on Co—Cr—Fe—Mn spinels: A reappraisal of crystal structure, colour and technological behaviour
M Dondi, C Zanelli, M Ardit, G Cruciani, L Mantovani, M Tribaudino, ...
Ceramics International 39 (8), 9533-9547, 2013
Crystal structure and iron topochemistry of erionite-K from Rome, Oregon, USA
P Ballirano, GB Andreozzi, M Dogan, AU Dogan
American Mineralogist 94 (8-9), 1262-1270, 2009
Linking Mossbauer and structural parameters in elbaite-schorl-dravite tourmalines
GB Andreozzi, F Bosi, M Longo
American Mineralogist 93 (4), 658-666, 2008
Structural refinement and crystal chemistry of Mn-doped spinel: A case for tetrahedrally coordinated Mn3+ in an oxygen-based structure
F Bosi, U Hålenius, GB Andreozzi, H Skogby, S Lucchesi
American Mineralogist 92 (1), 27-33, 2007
Intersite distribution of Fe2+ and Mg in the spinel (sensu stricto)–hercynite series by single-crystal X-ray diffraction
GB Andreozzi, S Lucchesi
American Mineralogist 87 (8-9), 1113-1120, 2002
Spectroscopic active IVFe3+VIFe3+ clusters in spinel–magnesioferrite solid solution crystals: a potential monitor for ordering in oxide spinels
GB Andreozzi, U Hålenius, H Skogby
Physics and Chemistry of Minerals 28, 435-444, 2001
The chemical environment of iron in mineral fibres. A combined X-ray absorption and Mössbauer spectroscopic study
S Pollastri, F D’Acapito, A Trapananti, I Colantoni, GB Andreozzi, ...
Journal of Hazardous Materials 298, 282-293, 2015
Behavior of cation vacancy in kenotetrahedral Cr-spinels from Albanian eastern belt ophiolites
F Bosi, GB Andreozzi, V Ferrini, S Lucchesi
American Mineralogist 89 (10), 1367-1373, 2004
Compositional dependence of cation distribution in some synthetic (Mg,Zn)(Al,Fe3+)2O4 spinels
GB Andreozzi, S Lucchesi, H Skogby, A della Giusta
European Journal of Mineralogy 13 (2), 391-402, 2001
Color mechanisms in spinel: cobalt and iron interplay for the blue color
V D’Ippolito, GB Andreozzi, U Hålenius, H Skogby, K Hametner, ...
Physics and Chemistry of Minerals 42, 431-439, 2015
N2O decomposition over [Fe]-MFI catalysts: Influence of the FexOy nuclearity and the presence of framework aluminum on the catalytic activity
G Moretti, G Fierro, G Ferraris, GB Andreozzi, V Naticchioni
Journal of catalysis 318, 1-13, 2014
Fe2+ and Fe3+ quantification by different approaches and fO2 estimation for Albanian Cr-spinels
M Quintiliani, GB Andreozzi, G Graziani
American Mineralogist 91 (5-6), 907-916, 2006
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