Johan Söderström
Johan Söderström
Department of Physics and Astronomy, Uppsala University
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Circularly polarized X rays: another probe of ultrafast molecular decay dynamics
O Travnikova, JC Liu, A Lindblad, C Nicolas, J Söderström, V Kimberg, ...
Physical review letters 105 (23), 233001, 2010
Nonstoichiometric intensities in core photoelectron spectroscopy
J Söderström, N Mårtensson, O Travnikova, M Patanen, C Miron, ...
Physical review letters 108 (19), 193005, 2012
Angle-resolved electron spectroscopy of the resonant Auger decay in xenon with meV energy resolution
J Söderström, A Lindblad, AN Grum-Grzhimailo, O Travnikova, C Nicolas, ...
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The protonation state of small carboxylic acids at the water surface from photoelectron spectroscopy
N Ottosson, E Wernersson, J Söderström, W Pokapanich, S Kaufmann, ...
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A Lindblad, V Kimberg, J Söderström, C Nicolas, O Travnikova, N Kosugi, ...
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Surface/bulk partitioning and acid/base speciation of aqueous decanoate: direct observations and atmospheric implications
N Prisle, N Ottosson, G Öhrwall, J Söderström, O Björneholm
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions 12, 12453–12483, 2012
Core level ionization dynamics in small molecules studied by x-ray-emission threshold-electron coincidence spectroscopy
M Alagia, R Richter, S Stranges, M Agaker, M Strom, J Soderstrom, ...
Physical Review-Section A-Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics 71 (1), 12506 …, 2005
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M Žitnik, A Mihelič, K Bučar, M Kavčič, JE Rubensson, M Svanquist, ...
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Single-molecule x-ray interferometry: Controlling coupled electron-nuclear quantum dynamics and imaging molecular potentials by ultrahigh-resolution resonant photoemission and …
V Kimberg, A Lindblad, J Söderström, O Travnikova, C Nicolas, YP Sun, ...
Physical Review X 3 (1), 011017, 2013
Vibrationally resolved partial cross sections and asymmetry parameters for nitrogen K-shell photoionization of the N 2 O molecule
RR Lucchese, J Söderström, T Tanaka, M Hoshino, M Kitajima, H Tanaka, ...
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The ESCA molecule—Historical remarks and new results
O Travnikova, KJ Børve, M Patanen, J Söderström, C Miron, LJ Sæthre, ...
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J Werner, E Wernersson, V Ekholm, N Ottosson, G Ohrwall, J Heyda, ...
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S Plogmaker, JA Terschlüsen, N Krebs, M Svanqvist, J Forsberg, ...
Review of Scientific Instruments 86 (12), 123107, 2015
A multi purpose source chamber at the PLEIADES beamline at SOLEIL for spectroscopic studies of isolated species: Cold molecules, clusters, and nanoparticles
A Lindblad, J Söderström, C Nicolas, E Robert, C Miron
Review of Scientific Instruments 84 (11), 113105, 2013
Increased Propensity of Iaq− for the Water Surface in Non-neutral Solutions: Implications for the Interfacial Behavior of H3Oaq+ and OHaq−
N Ottosson, L Cwiklik, J Söderström, O Björneholm, G Öhrwall, ...
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Double excitations of helium in weak static electric fields
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AS Tremsin, OHW Siegmund, JS Hull, JV Vallerga, JB McPhate, ...
IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science 54 (3), 706-709, 2007
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