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Study of the effect of Mn doping on the BiFeO3 system
D Kothari, VR Reddy, A Gupta, DM Phase, N Lakshmi, SK Deshpande, ...
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Study of the Electronic Structure, Magnetic and Elastic Properties and Half-Metallic Stability on Variation of Lattice Constants for CoFeCrZ (Z = P, As, Sb) Heusler …
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Study of (1− x) BaTiO3–x Ni0. 5Zn0. 5Fe2O4 (x= 5, 10 and 15%) magneto-electric ceramic composites
SK Upadhyay, VR Reddy, N Lakshmi
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Mn3+ substituted Co–Cd ferrites, CoCd0. 4MnxFe1. 6− xO4 (0.1⩽ x⩽ 0.6): Cation distribution, structural, magnetic and electrical properties
S Singhal, S Jauhar, N Lakshmi, S Bansal
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Doping effect of Cr3+ ions on the structural, magnetic and electrical properties of Co–Cd ferrites: a study on the redistribution of cations in CoCd0. 4CrxFe1. 6− xO4 (0.1≤ x …
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Correlation between microstructure, magnetic and electronic properties of Fe1− xAlx (0.2≤ x≤ 0.6) alloys produced by arc melting
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VK Jain, N Lakshmi, R Jain, AR Chandra
Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism 32, 739-749, 2019
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