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Nikola Prtljaga
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High Purcell factor generation of indistinguishable on-chip single photons
F Liu, AJ Brash, J O’Hara, LMPP Martins, CL Phillips, RJ Coles, B Royall, ...
Nature nanotechnology 13 (9), 835-840, 2018
Mid-infrared multispectral tissue imaging using a chalcogenide fiber supercontinuum source
CR Petersen, N Prtljaga, M Farries, J Ward, B Napier, GR Lloyd, J Nallala, ...
Optics letters 43 (5), 999-1002, 2018
Monolithic integration of a quantum emitter with a compact on-chip beam-splitter
N Prtljaga, RJ Coles, J O'Hara, B Royall, E Clarke, AM Fox, MS Skolnick
Applied Physics Letters 104 (23), 231107, 2014
Erbium emission in MOS light emitting devices: from energy transfer to direct impact excitation
JM RamÝrez, FF Lupi, O Jambois, Y BerencÚn, D Navarro-Urrios, ...
Nanotechnology 23 (12), 125203, 2012
A fully integrated high-Q whispering-gallery wedge resonator
F Ramiro-Manzano, N Prtljaga, L Pavesi, G Pucker, M Ghulinyan
Optics express 20 (20), 22934-22942, 2012
Oscillatory vertical coupling between a whispering-gallery resonator and a bus waveguide
M Ghulinyan, F Ramiro-Manzano, N Prtljaga, R Guider, I Carusotto, ...
Physical review letters 110 (16), 163901, 2013
Waveguide-coupled photonic crystal cavity for quantum dot spin readout
RJ Coles, N Prtljaga, B Royall, IJ Luxmoore, AM Fox, MS Skolnick
Optics express 22 (3), 2376-2385, 2014
Toward a 1.54m Electrically Driven Erbium-Doped Silicon Slot Waveguide and Optical Amplifier
A Tengattini, D Gandolfi, N Prtljaga, A Anopchenko, JM RamÝrez, FF Lupi, ...
Journal of Lightwave Technology 31 (3), 391-397, 2012
Energy transfer mechanism and Auger effect in coupled silicon nanoparticle samples
A Pitanti, D Navarro-Urrios, N Prtljaga, N Daldosso, F Gourbilleau, R Rizk, ...
Journal of applied physics 108 (5), 053518, 2010
Er-doped light emitting slot waveguides monolithically integrated in a silicon photonic chip
JM RamÝrez, FF Lupi, Y BerencÚn, A Anopchenko, JP Colonna, ...
Nanotechnology 24 (11), 115202, 2013
On-chip electrically controlled routing of photons from a single quantum dot
C Bentham, IE Itskevich, RJ Coles, B Royall, E Clarke, J O'Hara, ...
Applied Physics Letters 106 (22), 221101, 2015
Intermode reactive coupling induced by waveguide-resonator interaction
M Ghulinyan, FR Manzano, N Prtljaga, M Bernard, L Pavesi, G Pucker, ...
Physical Review A 90 (5), 053811, 2014
Limit to the erbium ions emission in silicon-rich oxide films by erbium ion clustering
N Prtljaga, D Navarro-Urrios, A Tengattini, A Anopchenko, JM RamÝrez, ...
Optical Materials Express 2 (9), 1278-1285, 2012
On-chip interference of single photons from an embedded quantum dot and an external laser
N Prtljaga, C Bentham, J O'Hara, B Royall, E Clarke, LR Wilson, ...
Applied Physics Letters 108 (25), 251101, 2016
Thermo-optical bistability with Si nanocrystals in a whispering gallery mode resonator
F Ramiro-Manzano, N Prtljaga, L Pavesi, G Pucker, M Ghulinyan
Optics letters 38 (18), 3562-3565, 2013
Photoluminescence of hydrophilic silicon nanocrystals in aqueous solutions
N Prtljaga, E D’Amato, A Pitanti, R Guider, E Froner, S Larcheri, M Scarpa, ...
Nanotechnology 22 (21), 215704, 2011
Deoxycholate as an efficient coating agent for hydrophilic silicon nanocrystals
E Froner, E D’Amato, R Adamo, N Prtljaga, S Larcheri, L Pavesi, A Rigo, ...
Journal of colloid and interface science 358 (1), 86-92, 2011
Enhancement of photoluminescence intensity of erbium doped silica containing Ge nanocrystals: distance dependent interactions
S Manna, R Aluguri, R Bar, S Das, N Prtljaga, L Pavesi, SK Ray
Nanotechnology 26 (4), 045202, 2015
Single-photon electroluminescence for on-chip quantum networks
C Bentham, D Hallett, N Prtljaga, B Royall, D Vaitiekus, RJ Coles, ...
Applied Physics Letters 109 (16), 161101, 2016
Bipolar pulsed excitation of erbium-doped nanosilicon light emitting diodes
A Anopchenko, A Tengattini, A Marconi, N Prtljaga, JM RamÝrez, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 111 (6), 063102, 2012
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