Roberta Sinatra
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Quantifying the evolution of individual scientific impact
R Sinatra, D Wang, P Deville, C Song, AL Barabási
Science 354 (6312), aaf5239, 2016
Science of science
S Fortunato, CT Bergstrom, K Börner, JA Evans, D Helbing, S Milojević, ...
Science 359 (6379), eaao0185, 2018
Defecting or not defecting: how to “read” human behavior during cooperative games by EEG measurements
FDV Fallani, V Nicosia, R Sinatra, L Astolfi, F Cincotti, D Mattia, C Wilke, ...
PloS one 5 (12), e14187, 2010
Understanding mobility in a social petri dish
M Szell, R Sinatra, G Petri, S Thurner, V Latora
Scientific Reports 2 (457), 2011
Maximal-entropy random walks in complex networks with limited information
R Sinatra, J Gómez-Gardenes, R Lambiotte, V Nicosia, V Latora
Physical Review E 83 (3), 030103, 2011
An analysis of visitors' behavior in the Louvre Museum: A study using Bluetooth data
Y Yoshimura, S Sobolevsky, C Ratti, F Girardin, JP Carrascal, J Blat, ...
Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design 41 (6), 1113-1131, 2014
A century of physics
R Sinatra, P Deville, M Szell, D Wang, AL Barabási
Nature Physics 11 (10), 791, 2015
Career on the move: geography, stratification, and scientific impact
P Deville, D Wang, R Sinatra, C Song, VD Blondel, AL Barabási
Scientific Reports 4 (4770), 2014
Data-driven predictions in the science of science
A Clauset, DB Larremore, R Sinatra
Science 355 (6324), 477-480, 2017
The ultimatum game in complex networks
R Sinatra, J Iranzo, J Gomez-Gardenes, LM Floria, V Latora, Y Moreno
Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment 2009 (09), P09012, 2009
Flow graphs: Interweaving dynamics and structure
R Lambiotte, R Sinatra, JC Delvenne, TS Evans, M Barahona, V Latora
Physical Review E 84 (1), 017102, 2011
Emergence of good conduct, scaling and Zipf laws in human behavioral sequences in an online world
S Thurner, M Szell, R Sinatra
PloS one 7 (1), e29796, 2012
Evolutionary dynamics of time-resolved social interactions
A Cardillo, G Petri, V Nicosia, R Sinatra, J Gómez-Gardenes, V Latora
Physical Review E 90 (5), 052825, 2014
Networks of motifs from sequences of symbols
R Sinatra, D Condorelli, V Latora
Physical review letters 105 (17), 178702, 2010
Hot streaks in artistic, cultural, and scientific careers
L Liu, Y Wang, R Sinatra, CL Giles, C Song, D Wang
Nature 559 (7714), 396, 2018
Entropy and the predictability of online life
R Sinatra, M Szell
Entropy 16 (1), 543-556, 2014
Quantifying reputation and success in art
SP Fraiberger, R Sinatra, M Resch, C Riedl, AL Barabási
Science 362 (6416), 825-829, 2018
Research funding goes to rich clubs
M Szell, R Sinatra
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (48), 14749-14750, 2015
Motion-induced synchronization in metapopulations of mobile agents
J Gómez-Gardeńes, V Nicosia, R Sinatra, V Latora
Physical Review E 87, 032814, 2013
Cluster structure of functional networks estimated from high-resolution EEG data
R Sinatra, F de Vico Fallani, L Astolfi, F Babiloni, F Cincotti, D Mattia, ...
International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos 19 (02), 665-676, 2009
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