Gianluigi Franci
Gianluigi Franci
Dipartimento di Medicina Sperimentale, Università degli Studi della Campania "Luigi Vanvitelli"
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Silver nanoparticles as potential antibacterial agents
G Franci, A Falanga, S Galdiero, L Palomba, M Rai, G Morelli, M Galdiero
Molecules 20 (5), 8856-8874, 2015
Uncovering common principles in protein export of malaria parasites
C Grüring, A Heiber, F Kruse, S Flemming, G Franci, SF Colombo, ...
Cell host & microbe 12 (5), 717-729, 2012
Synthesis and biological characterization of the histone deacetylase inhibitor largazole and C7-modified analogues
JA Souto, E Vaz, I Lepore, AC Pöppler, G Franci, R Álvarez, L Altucci, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 53 (12), 4654-4667, 2010
Identification of a hormone-regulated dynamic nuclear actin network associated with estrogen receptor α in human breast cancer cell nuclei
C Ambrosino, R Tarallo, A Bamundo, D Cuomo, G Franci, G Nassa, ...
Molecular & Cellular Proteomics 9 (6), 1352-1367, 2010
Marine antimicrobial peptides: nature provides templates for the design of novel compounds against pathogenic bacteria
A Falanga, L Lombardi, G Franci, M Vitiello, MR Iovene, G Morelli, ...
International journal of molecular sciences 17 (5), 785, 2016
CBFB–MYH11/RUNX1 together with a compendium of hematopoietic regulators, chromatin modifiers and basal transcription factors occupies self-renewal genes in inv (16) acute …
A Mandoli, AA Singh, P Jansen, ATJ Wierenga, H Riahi, G Franci, ...
Leukemia 28 (4), 770, 2014
Epigenetic profiling of the antitumor natural product psammaplin A and its analogues
J García, G Franci, R Pereira, R Benedetti, A Nebbioso, ...
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry 19 (12), 3637-3649, 2011
Evaluation of Histone Deacetylases as Drug Targets in Huntington’s Disease models: Study of HDACs in brain tissues from R6/2 and CAG140 knock-in HD mouse models and human …
L Quinti, V Chopra, D Rotili, S Valente, A Amore, G Franci, S Meade, ...
PLoS currents 2, 2010
TNF-related apoptosis-inducing ligand: signalling of a ‘smart’molecule
F Manzo, A Nebbioso, M Miceli, M Conte, F De Bellis, V Carafa, G Franci, ...
The international journal of biochemistry & cell biology 41 (3), 460-466, 2009
Genome-wide binding of MBD2 reveals strong preference for highly methylated loci
R Menafra, AB Brinkman, F Matarese, G Franci, SJJ Bartels, L Nguyen, ...
PLoS One 9 (6), e99603, 2014
Modulation of the activity of histone acetyltransferases by long chain alkylidenemalonates (LoCAMs)
C Milite, S Castellano, R Benedetti, A Tosco, C Ciliberti, C Vicidomini, ...
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry 19 (12), 3690-3701, 2011
Molecular analysis of the apoptotic effects of BPA in acute myeloid leukemia cells
P Bontempo, L Mita, A Doto, M Miceli, A Nebbioso, I Lepore, GL Franci, ...
Journal of translational medicine 7 (1), 48, 2009
Targeting epigenetic networks with polypharmacology: a new avenue to tackle cancer
G Franci, M Miceli, L Altucci
Epigenomics 2 (6), 731-742, 2010
Role of viral miRNAs and epigenetic modifications in Epstein-Barr Virus-associated gastric carcinogenesis
A Giudice, G D’Arena, A Crispo, MF Tecce, F Nocerino, M Grimaldi, ...
Oxidative medicine and cellular longevity 2016, 2016
Microbial evaluation in capsular contracture of breast implants
M Galdiero, F Larocca, MR Iovene, M Francesca, G Pieretti, V D’oriano, ...
Plastic and reconstructive surgery 141 (1), 23-30, 2018
Hepatocellular carcinoma in HCV cirrhosis after viral clearance with direct acting antiviral therapy: preliminary evidence and possible meanings
L Rinaldi, R Di Francia, N Coppola, B Guerrera, M Imparato, C Monari, ...
WCRJ 3 (3), e748, 2016
Microbial diseases of bivalve mollusks: infections, immunology and antimicrobial defense
C Zannella, F Mosca, F Mariani, G Franci, V Folliero, M Galdiero, ...
Marine drugs 15 (6), 182, 2017
The class I-specific HDAC inhibitor MS-275 modulates the differentiation potential of mouse embryonic stem cells
G Franci, L Casalino, F Petraglia, M Miceli, R Menafra, B Radic, V Tarallo, ...
Biology open 2 (10), 1070-1077, 2013
MePR: a novel human mesenchymal progenitor model with characteristics of pluripotency
M Miceli, G Franci, C Dell'Aversana, F Ricciardiello, F Petraglia, ...
Stem cells and development 22 (17), 2368-2383, 2013
Novel Cinnamyl Hydroxyamides and 2‐Aminoanilides as Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors: Apoptotic Induction and Cytodifferentiation Activity
S Valente, M Tardugno, M Conte, R Cirilli, A Perrone, R Ragno, ...
ChemMedChem 6 (4), 698-712, 2011
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