Fabiola Moretti
Fabiola Moretti
Institute of Cell Biology and Neurobiology (National Research Council of Italy)
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MDM2-regulated degradation of HIPK2 prevents p53Ser46 phosphorylation and DNA damage-induced apoptosis
C Rinaldo, A Prodosmo, F Mancini, S Iacovelli, A Sacchi, F Moretti, ...
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p53 re-expression inhibits proliferation and restores differentiation of human thyroid anaplastic carcinoma cells.
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MDM4 (MDMX) localizes at the mitochondria and facilitates the p53-mediated intrinsic-apoptotic pathway
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Analysis of human MDM4 variants in papillary thyroid carcinomas reveals new potential markers of cancer properties
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MDM4 (MDMX) overexpression enhances stabilization of stress-induced p53 and promotes apoptosis
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Mitochondrial MDM4 (MDMX): an unpredicted role in the p53-mediated intrinsic apoptotic pathway
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MDMX stability is regulated by p53-induced caspase cleavage in NIH3T3 mouse fibroblasts.
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The mTOR and PP2A Pathways Regulate PHD2 Phosphorylation to Fine-Tune HIF1α Levels and Colorectal Cancer Cell Survival under Hypoxia
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Orphan Receptor Hepatocyte Nuclear Factor-4 Antagonizes Estrogen Receptor α-Mediated Induction of Human Coagulation Factor XII Gene 1
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Targeting the MDM2/MDM4 interaction interface as a promising approach for p53 reactivation therapy
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