Cesare Cametti
Cesare Cametti
Professore Ordinario, Università di Roma "La Sapienza"
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Dielectric spectroscopy and conductivity of polyelectrolyte solutions
F Bordi, C Cametti, RH Colby
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Chemiresistive polyaniline-based gas sensors: A mini review
I Fratoddi, I Venditti, C Cametti, MV Russo
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Comparison of different commercially available cationic liposome–DNA lipoplexes: Parameters influencing toxicity and transfection efficiency
A Masotti, G Mossa, C Cametti, G Ortaggi, A Bianco, N Del Grosso, ...
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DNA condensation induced by cationic surfactant: a viscosimetry and dynamic light scattering study
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Dielectric spectroscopy of erythrocyte cell suspensions. A comparison between Looyenga and Maxwell–Wagner–Hanai effective medium theory formulations
F Bordi, C Cametti, T Gili
Journal of non-crystalline solids 305 (1-3), 278-284, 2002
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