Roberto Coccurello
Roberto Coccurello
National Research Council of Italy (C.N.R.) Institute for Complex System
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Dopamine neuronal loss contributes to memory and reward dysfunction in a model of Alzheimer’s disease
A Nobili, EC Latagliata, MT Viscomi, V Cavallucci, D Cutuli, G Giacovazzo, ...
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Potential mechanisms of atypical antipsychotic-induced metabolic derangement: clues for understanding obesity and novel drug design
R Coccurello, A Moles
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Simultaneous blockade of adenosine A2A and metabotropic glutamate mGlu5 receptors increase their efficacy in reversing Parkinsonian deficits in rats
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Hedonic eating and the “delicious circle”: from lipid-derived mediators to brain dopamine and back
R Coccurello, M Maccarrone
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Satiety factor oleoylethanolamide recruits the brain histaminergic system to inhibit food intake
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Unstable Maternal Environment, Separation Anxiety, and Heightened CO2 Sensitivity Induced by Gene-by-Environment Interplay
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A novel fluorophosphonate inhibitor of the biosynthesis of the endocannabinoid 2‐arachidonoylglycerol with potential anti‐obesity effects
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Impact of dietary fats on brain functions
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The novel reversible fatty acid amide hydrolase inhibitor ST4070 increases endocannabinoid brain levels and counteracts neuropathic pain in different animal models
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Nucleus accumbens dopamine receptors in the consolidation of spatial memory
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Paternal alcohol exposure in mice alters brain NGF and BDNF and increases ethanol‐elicited preference in male offspring
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NGF and BDNF alterations by prenatal alcohol exposure
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Postnatal aversive experience impairs sensitivity to natural rewards and increases susceptibility to negative events in adult life
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30 days of continuous olanzapine infusion determines energy imbalance, glucose intolerance, insulin resistance, and dyslipidemia in mice
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Journal of clinical psychopharmacology 29 (6), 576-583, 2009
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