Carolina Chavarro
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Development and Evaluation of a High Density Genotyping ‘Axiom_Arachis’ Array with 58 K SNPs for Accelerating Genetics and Breeding in Groundnut
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Genome-wide SNP genotyping resolves signatures of selection and tetrasomic recombination in peanut
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Transcriptomic changes due to water deficit define a general soybean response and accession-specific pathways for drought avoidance
JH Shin, JN Vaughn, H Abdel-Haleem, C Chavarro, B Abernathy, ...
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Identification and Mapping of Simple Sequence Repeat Markers from Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) Bacterial Artificial Chromosome End Sequences for Genome Characterization …
JM Córdoba, C Chavarro, F Rojas, C Muñoz, MW Blair
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Mapping late leaf spot resistance in peanut (Arachis hypogaea) using QTL-seq reveals markers for marker-assisted selection
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M Richard, NWG Chen, V Thareau, S Pflieger, S Blanchet, ...
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QTL analysis and effect of the fin locus on tropical adaptation in an inter-gene pool Common Bean population
MB C. Chavarro
Tropical Plant Biology 3 (4), 204 - 218, 2010
Identification of BAC-end SSR markers from common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) and use in integrated genetic and physical mapping
JM Córdoba, MC Chavarro, F Rojas, C Muñoz, MW Blair
Plant Genome 3, 154-165, 2010
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