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David Dobnik
National Institute of Biology
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NAIMA: target amplification strategy allowing quantitative on-chip detection of GMOs
D Morisset, D Dobnik, S Hamels, J Žel, K Gruden
Nucleic acids research 36 (18), e118-e118, 2008
Multiplex quantification of 12 European Union authorized genetically modified maize lines with droplet digital polymerase chain reaction
D Dobnik, B Spilsberg, A Bogožalec Košir, A Holst-Jensen, J Žel
Analytical chemistry 87 (16), 8218-8226, 2015
Antioxidant and antigenotoxic effects of rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis L.) extracts in Salmonella typhimurium TA98 and HepG2 cells
B Žegura, D Dobnik, MH Niderl, M Filipič
Environmental toxicology and pharmacology 32 (2), 296-305, 2011
GMO quantification: valuable experience and insights for the future
M Milavec, D Dobnik, L Yang, D Zhang, K Gruden, J Žel
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 406 (26), 6485-6497, 2014
Multiplex quantification of four DNA targets in one reaction with Bio-Rad droplet digital PCR system for GMO detection
D Dobnik, D Štebih, A Blejec, D Morisset, J Žel
Scientific reports 6, 35451, 2016
DNA enrichment approaches to identify unauthorized genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
AJ Arulandhu, JP van Dijk, D Dobnik, A Holst-Jensen, J Shi, J Zel, EJ Kok
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 408 (17), 4575-4593, 2016
NAIMA as a solution for future GMO diagnostics challenges
D Dobnik, D Morisset, K Gruden
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 396 (6), 2229-2233, 2010
β-1,3-glucanase class III promotes spread of PVYNTN and improves in planta protein production
D Dobnik, Š Baebler, P Kogovšek, M Pompe-Novak, D Štebih, G Panter, ...
Plant biotechnology reports 7 (4), 547-555, 2013
Droplet volume variability as a critical factor for accuracy of absolute quantification using droplet digital PCR
AB Košir, C Divieto, J Pavšič, S Pavarelli, D Dobnik, T Dreo, R Bellotti, ...
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 409 (28), 6689-6697, 2017
Critical assessment of digital PCR for the detection and quantification of genetically modified organisms
T Demeke, D Dobnik
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 410 (17), 4039-4050, 2018
Development and inter-laboratory assessment of droplet digital PCR assays for multiplex quantification of 15 genetically modified soybean lines
AB Košir, B Spilsberg, A Holst-Jensen, J Žel, D Dobnik
Scientific reports 7 (1), 8601, 2017
Simultaneous detection of RNA and DNA targets based on multiplex isothermal amplification
D Dobnik, D Morisset, R Lenarčič, M Ravnikar
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 62 (13), 2989-2996, 2014
Inter-laboratory studies for the validation of two singleplex (tE9 and pea lectin) and one duplex (pat/bar) real-time PCR methods for GMO detection
F Debode, I Huber, R Macarthur, PE Rischitor, M Mazzara, V Herau, ...
Food Control 73, 452-461, 2017
Fluorescently tagged Potato virus Y: a versatile tool for functional analysis of plant-virus interactions
M Rupar, F Faurez, M Tribodet, I Gutiérrez-Aguirre, A Delaunay, L Glais, ...
Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 28 (7), 739-750, 2015
Involvement of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) MKK6 in response to potato virus Y
A Lazar, A Coll, D Dobnik, Š Baebler, A Bedina-Zavec, J Žel, K Gruden
PloS one 9 (8), e104553, 2014
New multiplexing tools for reliable GMO detection
M Pla, A Nadal, V Baeten, C Bahrdt, G Berben, Y Bertheau, A Coll, ...
Genetically Modified and Non-Genetically Modified Food Supply Chains: Co …, 2012
Salicylic acid perturbs sRNA-gibberellin regulatory network in immune response of potato to potato virus Y infection
M Križnik, M Petek, D Dobnik, Ž Ramšak, Š Baebler, S Pollmann, ...
Frontiers in plant science 8, 2192, 2017
Validated reverse transcription droplet digital PCR serves as a higher order method for absolute quantification of Potato virus Y strains
N Mehle, D Dobnik, M Ravnikar, MP Novak
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 410 (16), 3815-3825, 2018
Inter-laboratory analysis of selected genetically modified plant reference materials with digital PCR
D Dobnik, T Demšar, I Huber, L Gerdes, S Broeders, N Roosens, ...
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 410 (1), 211-221, 2018
Solanum venturii, a suitable model system for virus-induced gene silencing studies in potato reveals St MKK6 as an important player in plant immunity
D Dobnik, A Lazar, T Stare, K Gruden, VGAA Vleeshouwers, J Žel
Plant methods 12 (1), 29, 2016
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