Gabriella Minchiotti
Gabriella Minchiotti
Institute of Genetics and Biophysics "A. Buzzati-Traverso", CNR
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The orphan receptor ALK7 and the Activin receptor ALK4 mediate signaling by Nodal proteins during vertebrate development
E Reissmann, H Jörnvall, A Blokzijl, O Andersson, C Chang, G Minchiotti, ...
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G protein-coupled receptor APJ and its ligand apelin act downstream of Cripto to specify embryonic stem cells toward the cardiac lineage through extracellular signal-regulated …
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G Minchiotti
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Convergent transcription initiates from oppositely oriented promoters within the 5'end regions of Drosophila melanogaster F elements.
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Structure-function analysis of the EGF-CFC family member Cripto identifies residues essential for nodal signalling
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L-Proline induces a mesenchymal-like invasive program in embryonic stem cells by remodeling H3K9 and H3K36 methylation
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High-throughput screening-compatible single-step protocol to differentiate embryonic stem cells in neurons
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Dynamic regulation of the cancer stem cell compartment by Cripto-1 in colorectal cancer
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The intron-containing hsp82 gene of the dimorphic pathogenic fungus Histoplasma capsulatum is properly spliced in severe heat shock conditions.
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Cardiomyogenesis is controlled by the miR-99a/let-7c cluster and epigenetic modifications
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