Dr. Sudhindra Rayaprol
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Magnetic behavior of Co ions in the exotic spin-chain compound Ca 3 Co 2 O 6 from Co 59 NMR studies
EV Sampathkumaran, N Fujiwara, S Rayaprol, PK Madhu, Y Uwatoko
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S Rayaprol, K Sengupta, EV Sampathkumaran
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K Takubo, T Mizokawa, S Hirata, JY Son, A Fujimori, D Topwal, DD Sarma, ...
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B-site bismuth doping effect on structural, magnetic and magnetotransport properties of La0. 5Ca0. 5Mn1− xBixO3
A Krichene, PS Solanki, S Rayaprol, V Ganesan, W Boujelben, ...
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Magnetic frustration in the stoichiometric spin-chain compound Ca 3 CoIrO 6
S Rayaprol, K Sengupta, EV Sampathkumaran
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Indium Flux-Growth of Eu2AuGe3: A New Germanide with an AlB2 Superstructure
CP Sebastian, CD Malliakas, M Chondroudi, I Schellenberg, S Rayaprol, ...
Inorganic chemistry 49 (20), 9574-9580, 2010
Evidence for magneto-electric and spin–lattice coupling in PbFe 0.5 Nb 0.5 O 3 through structural and magneto-electric studies
S Matteppanavar, S Rayaprol, K Singh, VR Reddy, B Angadi
Journal of Materials Science 50 (14), 4980-4993, 2015
Crystal chemistry and spectroscopic properties of ScAuSn, YAuSn, and LuAuSn
CP Sebastian, H Eckert, S Rayaprol, RD Hoffmann, R Pöttgen
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Structure and microstructure dependent transport and magnetic properties of sol–gel grown nanostructured La0. 6Nd0. 1Sr0. 3MnO3 manganites: role of oxygen
SB Kansara, D Dhruv, Z Joshi, DD Pandya, S Rayaprol, PS Solanki, ...
Applied Surface Science 356, 1272-1281, 2015
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SB Kansara, D Dhruv, B Kataria, CM Thaker, S Rayaprol, CL Prajapat, ...
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AK Paul, A Sarapulova, P Adler, M Reehuis, S Kanungo, D Mikhailova, ...
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EV Sampathkumaran, N Mohapatra, S Rayaprol, KK Iyer
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Structural, magnetic, and spectroscopic studies of YAgSn, TmAgSn, and LuAgSn
CP Sebastian, H Eckert, C Fehse, JP Wright, JP Attfield, D Johrendt, ...
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N Mohapatra, KK Iyer, S Rayaprol, EV Sampathkumaran
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A Krichene, PS Solanki, D Venkateshwarlu, S Rayaprol, V Ganesan, ...
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Synthesis, Structure, and Properties of the High‐Pressure Modification of CePdSn–a 5 K Antiferromagnet
G Heymann, JF Riecken, S Rayaprol, S Christian, R Poettgen, H Huppertz
Zeitschrift für anorganische und allgemeine Chemie 633 (1), 77-82, 2007
Magnetic order in the frustrated Ising-like chain compound Sr 3 Ni Ir O 6
E Lefrançois, LC Chapon, V Simonet, P Lejay, D Khalyavin, S Rayaprol, ...
Physical Review B 90 (1), 014408, 2014
Investigation on structural, Mössbauer and ferroelectric properties of (1− x) PbFe0. 5Nb0. 5O3–(x) BiFeO3 solid solution
ST Dadami, S Matteppanavar, I Shivaraja, S Rayaprol, B Angadi, B Sahoo
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 418, 122-127, 2016
Enhanced Electrical Resistivity before Néel Order in the Metals R C u A s 2 (R= S m, Gd, Tb, and Dy)
EV Sampathkumaran, K Sengupta, S Rayaprol, KK Iyer, T Doert, ...
Physical review letters 91 (3), 036603, 2003
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