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Recent approaches for C–C bond formation via direct dehydrative coupling strategies
R Kumar, EV Van der Eycken
Chemical Society Reviews 42 (3), 1121-1146, 2013
An unusual, mild and convenient one-pot two-step access to (E)-stilbenes from hydroxy-substituted benzaldehydes and phenylacetic acids under microwave activation: a new facet …
AK Sinha, V Kumar, A Sharma, A Sharma, R Kumar
Tetrahedron 63 (45), 11070-11077, 2007
Reinvestigation of structure–activity relationship of methoxylated chalcones as antimalarials: Synthesis and evaluation of 2, 4, 5-trimethoxy substituted patterns as lead …
R Kumar, D Mohanakrishnan, A Sharma, NK Kaushik, K Kalia, AK Sinha, ...
European journal of medicinal chemistry 45 (11), 5292-5301, 2010
Biocatalytic promiscuity of lipase in chemoselective oxidation of aryl alcohols/acetates: a unique synergism of CAL-B and [hmim] Br for the metal-free H2O2 activation
UK Sharma, N Sharma, R Kumar, R Kumar, AK Sinha
Organic letters 11 (21), 4846-4848, 2009
Unique Versatility of Ionic Liquids as Clean Decarboxylation Catalyst Cum Solvent: A Metal‐and Quinoline‐Free Paradigm towards Synthesis of Indoles, Styrenes, Stilbenes and …
A Sharma, R Kumar, N Sharma, V Kumar, AK Sinha
Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis 350 (18), 2910-2920, 2008
First Bovine Serum Albumin‐Promoted Synthesis of Enones, Cinnamic Acids and Coumarins in Ionic Liquid: An Insight into the Role of Protein Impurities in Porcine Pancreas Lipase …
N Sharma, UK Sharma, R Kumar, N Katoch, R Kumar, AK Sinha
Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis 353 (6), 871-878, 2011
Larvicidal and structure–activity studies of natural phenylpropanoids and their semisynthetic derivatives against the tobacco armyworm Spodoptera litura (Fab.)(Lepidoptera …
A Bhardwaj, D Kumar Tewary, R Kumar, V Kumar, A Kumar Sinha, ...
Chemistry & biodiversity 7 (1), 168-177, 2010
Palladium‐Catalyzed Dehydrative Heck Olefination of Secondary Aryl Alcohols in Ionic Liquids: Towards a Waste‐Free Strategy for Tandem Synthesis of Stilbenoids
R Kumar, A Shard, R Bharti, Y Thopate, AK Sinha
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 51 (11), 2636-2639, 2012
Direct olefination of benzaldehydes into hydroxy functionalized oligo (p-phenylenevinylene) s via Pd-catalyzed heterodomino Knoevenagel-decarboxylation-Heck sequence and its …
A Sharma, N Sharma, R Kumar, A Shard, AK Sinha
Chemical Communications 46 (19), 3283-3285, 2010
Chitosan-supported copper as an efficient and recyclable heterogeneous catalyst for A3/decarboxylative A3-coupling reaction
P Kaur, B Kumar, V Kumar, R Kumar
Tetrahedron Letters 59 (21), 1986-1991, 2018
Mechanisms of tubulin binding ligands to target cancer cells: updates on their therapeutic potential and clinical trials
B Kumar, R Kumar, I Skvortsova, V Kumar
Current cancer drug targets 17 (4), 357-375, 2017
Synthesis and SAR investigation of natural phenylpropene-derived methoxylated cinnamaldehydes and their novel Schiff bases as potent antimicrobial and antioxidant agents
UK Sharma, S Sood, N Sharma, P Rahi, R Kumar, AK Sinha, A Gulati
Medicinal Chemistry Research 22 (11), 5129-5140, 2013
Synthesis of differentially substituted 2-aminoimidazolidines via a microwave-assisted tandem Staudinger/aza-Wittig cyclization
R Kumar, DS Ermolat’ev, EV Van der Eycken
The Journal of organic chemistry 78 (11), 5737-5743, 2013
Pd‐Catalyzed Orthogonal Knoevenagel/Perkin Condensation–Decarboxylation–Heck/Suzuki Sequences: Tandem Transformations of Benzaldehydes into Hydroxy‐Functionalized Antidiabetic …
N Sharma, A Sharma, A Shard, R Kumar, AK Sinha
Chemistry–A European Journal 17 (37), 10350-10356, 2011
Neutral Ionic Liquid [hmim]Br as a Green Reagent and Solvent for the Mild and Efficient Dehydration of Benzyl Alcohols into (E)‐Arylalkenes Under Microwave …
R Kumar, A Sharma, N Sharma, V Kumar, AK Sinha
European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2008 (33), 5577-5582, 2008
Heck–Suzuki Tandem Reaction for the Synthesis of 3-Benzazepines
AA Peshkov, VA Peshkov, OP Pereshivko, K Van Hecke, R Kumar, ...
The Journal of organic chemistry 80 (13), 6598-6608, 2015
Tandem allylic oxidation–condensation/esterification catalyzed by silica gel: an expeditious approach towards antimalarial diaryldienones and enones from natural methoxylated …
A Sharma, N Sharma, A Shard, R Kumar, D Mohanakrishnan, AK Sinha, ...
Organic & biomolecular chemistry 9 (14), 5211-5219, 2011
Chalcones as promising pesticidal agents against diamondback moth (Plutella xylostella): microwave-assisted synthesis and structure–activity relationship
R Kumar, P Sharma, A Shard, DK Tewary, G Nadda, AK Sinha
Medicinal Chemistry Research 21 (6), 922-931, 2012
One‐Pot Two‐Step Oxidative Cleavage of 1, 2‐Arylalkenes to Aryl Ketones Instead of Arylaldehydes in an Aqueous Medium: A Complementary Approach to Ozonolysis
N Sharma, A Sharma, R Kumar, A Shard, AK Sinha
European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2010 (31), 6025-6032, 2010
Metal-free activation of H 2 O 2 by synergic effect of ionic liquid and microwave: chemoselective oxidation of benzylic alcohols to carbonyls and unexpected formation of …
R Kumar, N Sharma, N Sharma, A Sharma, AK Sinha
Molecular diversity 15 (3), 687-695, 2011
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