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Entanglement in many-body systems
L Amico, R Fazio, A Osterloh, V Vedral
Reviews of modern physics 80 (2), 517, 2008
Scaling of entanglement close to a quantum phase transition
A Osterloh, L Amico, G Falci, R Fazio
Nature 416 (6881), 608, 2002
Quantum phase transitions and vortex dynamics in superconducting networks
R Fazio, H Van Der Zant
Physics Reports 355 (4), 235-334, 2001
Detection of geometric phases in superconducting nanocircuits
G Falci, R Fazio, GM Palma, J Siewert, V Vedral
Nature 407 (6802), 355, 2000
Decoherence and 1/f noise in Josephson qubits
E Paladino, L Faoro, G Falci, R Fazio
Physical review letters 88 (22), 228304, 2002
High-fidelity quantum driving
MG Bason, M Viteau, N Malossi, P Huillery, E Arimondo, D Ciampini, ...
Nature Physics 8 (2), 147, 2012
Anderson localization of entangled photons in an integrated quantum walk
A Crespi, R Osellame, R Ramponi, V Giovannetti, R Fazio, L Sansoni, ...
Nature Photonics 7 (4), 322, 2013
Optimal control at the quantum speed limit
T Caneva, M Murphy, T Calarco, R Fazio, S Montangero, V Giovannetti, ...
Physical review letters 103 (24), 240501, 2009
Dynamics of entanglement in one-dimensional spin systems
L Amico, A Osterloh, F Plastina, R Fazio, GM Palma
Physical Review A 69 (2), 022304, 2004
Charge and vortex dynamics in arrays of tunnel junctions
R Fazio, G Schn
Physical Review B 43 (7), 5307, 1991
Dynamical phase transitions and instabilities in open atomic many-body systems
S Diehl, A Tomadin, A Micheli, R Fazio, P Zoller
Physical review letters 105 (1), 015702, 2010
Entanglement entropy dynamics of Heisenberg chains
G De Chiara, S Montangero, P Calabrese, R Fazio
Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment 2006 (03), P03001, 2006
Extracting quantum work statistics and fluctuation theorems by single-qubit interferometry
R Dorner, SR Clark, L Heaney, R Fazio, J Goold, V Vedral
Physical review letters 110 (23), 230601, 2013
Mott-insulating and glassy phases of polaritons in 1D arrays of coupled cavities
D Rossini, R Fazio
Physical review letters 99 (18), 186401, 2007
Unbinding of charge-anticharge pairs in two-dimensional arrays of small tunnel junctions
JE Mooij, BJ Van Wees, LJ Geerligs, M Peters, R Fazio, G Schn
Physical review letters 65 (5), 645, 1990
The quantum-optical Josephson interferometer
D Gerace, HE Treci, A Imamoglu, V Giovannetti, R Fazio
Nature Physics 5 (4), 281, 2009
Decoherence induced by interacting quantum spin baths
D Rossini, T Calarco, V Giovannetti, S Montangero, R Fazio
Physical Review A 75 (3), 032333, 2007
Quantum quenches, thermalization, and many-body localization
E Canovi, D Rossini, R Fazio, GE Santoro, A Silva
Physical Review B 83 (9), 094431, 2011
Full counting statistics in strongly interacting systems: non-Markovian effects
A Braggio, J Knig, R Fazio
Physical review letters 96 (2), 026805, 2006
Non-abelian holonomies, charge pumping, and quantum computation with josephson junctions
L Faoro, J Siewert, R Fazio
Physical review letters 90 (2), 028301, 2003
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