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A unified mechanism of action for volatile isoprenoids in plant abiotic stress
CE Vickers, J Gershenzon, MT Lerdau, F Loreto
Nature chemical biology 5 (5), 283-291, 2009
Isoprene synthesis protects transgenic tobacco plants from oxidative stress
CE Vickers, M Possell, CI Cojocariu, VB Velikova, J Laothawornkitkul, ...
Plant, Cell & Environment 32 (5), 520-531, 2009
The genome sequence of E. coli W (ATCC 9637): comparative genome analysis and an improved genome-scale reconstruction of E. coli
CT Archer, JF Kim, H Jeong, JH Park, CE Vickers, SY Lee, LK Nielsen
BMC genomics 12 (1), 9, 2011
Promoter analysis of the barley Pht1; 1 phosphate transporter gene identifies regions controlling root expression and responsiveness to phosphate deprivation
PHD Schnmann, AE Richardson, CE Vickers, E Delhaize
Plant Physiology 136 (4), 4205-4214, 2004
Isoprene emissions influence herbivore feeding decisions
J Laothawornkitkul, ND Paul, CE Vickers, M Possell, JE Taylor, ...
Plant, cell & environment 31 (10), 1410-1415, 2008
Metabolic engineering of volatile isoprenoids in plants and microbes
CE Vickers, M Bongers, Q Liu, T Delatte, H Bouwmeester
Plant, cell & environment 37 (8), 1753-1775, 2014
Quorum-sensing linked RNA interference for dynamic metabolic pathway control in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
TC Williams, NJH Averesch, G Winter, MR Plan, CE Vickers, LK Nielsen, ...
Metabolic engineering 29, 124-134, 2015
Controlling heterologous gene expression in yeast cell factories on different carbon substrates and across the diauxic shift: a comparison of yeast promoter activities
B Peng, TC Williams, M Henry, LK Nielsen, CE Vickers
Microbial cell factories 14 (1), 91, 2015
Recent advances in synthetic biology for engineering isoprenoid production in yeast
CE Vickers, TC Williams, B Peng, J Cherry
Current opinion in chemical biology 40, 47-56, 2017
Morphology, ploidy and molecular phylogenetics reveal a new diploid species from Africa in the baobab genus Adansonia (Malvaceae: Bombacoideae)
JD Pettigrew FRS, KL Bell, A Bhagwandin, E Grinan, N Jillani, J Meyer, ...
Taxon 61 (6), 1240-1250, 2012
Selectable marker-free transgenic barley producing a high level of cellulase (1, 4-β-glucanase) in developing grains
GP Xue, M Patel, JS Johnson, DJ Smyth, CE Vickers
Plant Cell Reports 21 (11), 1088-1094, 2003
Building a global alliance of biofoundries
N Hillson, M Caddick, Y Cai, JA Carrasco, MW Chang, NC Curach, ...
Nature communications 10 (1), 1-4, 2019
Molecular control of sucrose utilization in Escherichia coli W, an efficient sucrose-utilizing strain
S Sabri, LK Nielsen, CE Vickers
Applied and environmental microbiology 79 (2), 478-487, 2013
Knock-in/Knock-out (KIKO) vectors for rapid integration of large DNA sequences, including whole metabolic pathways, onto the Escherichia coli chromosome at…
S Sabri, JA Steen, M Bongers, LK Nielsen, CE Vickers
Microbial cell factories 12 (1), 60, 2013
Grand challenge commentary: Chassis cells for industrial biochemical production
CE Vickers, LM Blank, JO Krmer
Nature chemical biology 6 (12), 875-877, 2010
Circadian control of isoprene emissions from oil palm (Elaeis guineensis)
MJ Wilkinson, SM Owen, M Possell, J Hartwell, P Gould, A Hall, C Vickers, ...
The Plant Journal 47 (6), 960-968, 2006
A novel cis-acting element, ESP, contributes to high-level endosperm-specific expression in an oat globulin promoter
CE Vickers, G Xue, PM Gresshoff
Plant molecular biology 62 (1-2), 195, 2006
Isoprene emission protects photosynthesis but reduces plant productivity during drought in transgenic tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) plants
AC Ryan, CN Hewitt, M Possell, CE Vickers, A Purnell, PM Mullineaux, ...
New phytologist 201 (1), 205-216, 2014
Engineered Quorum Sensing Using Pheromone-Mediated Cell-to-Cell Communication in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
TC Williams, LK Nielsen, CE Vickers
ACS synthetic biology 2 (3), 136-149, 2013
HR index--a simple method for the prediction of oxygen uptake.
JR Wicks, NB Oldridge, LK Nielsen, CE Vickers
Medicine and science in sports and exercise 43 (10), 2005, 2011
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